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Not A Problem - LG GR-K243UG User Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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Not a problem

Kimchi flavor
Kimchi freezes
The storing temperature of Kimchi is around 0 . The freezing temperature
changed according to type of Kimchi, spices, amount of salt etc. At this time,
low the storing temperature of the Kimchi.
If the storing temperature is "Max", set to "Mid" or "Min".
If the storing temperature is "Mid", set to "Min"
Kimchi turns sour fast
If you select rhythm fermenting function for Kimchi storage, it can turn sour fast. At this
time cancel the rhythm fermenting and select storage or flavor keeping function.
Kimchi also turns sour fast if the storing temperature is high. At this time, adjust the
temperature. The storing temperature is lower from Min
seasoning speed can differ by the type of Kimchi, spices, temperature of the day Kimchi
was made etc.
Kimchi is soft
If you put too little salt in the Kimchi, the color of the Kimchi may look good but from
the yeast effect, the Kimchi becomes soft. Also the seafood sauce can accelerate
the seasoning speed and make the Kimchi softer.
The color of Kimchi is dark
If you store Kimchi for a long period of time, Kimchi starts to turn darker due to
oxidation. To maintain the color of Kimchi for a long time, put a clean plastic wrap to
cover the Kimchi within the container.
White mold forms on the surface of and the outer cabbage of Kimchi.
If you do not close the container lid tightly, it will be exposed to air to form white
yeasts on the Kimchi or on the outer cabbage of Kimchi. You can prevent this by
putting a plastic wrap or bag on the surface of the Kimchi.
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