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Proper Food Storage - LG GR-K243UG User Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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Proper food storage

Set the proper temperature for food storage.
If you select Fresh, Standard and Mature function for the Kimchi storage, it will turn sour
fast. When setting the storage temperature to "Max", it can make some types of Kimchi to
freeze. Therefore you check it frequently depending on the type of Kimchi. If you store other
types of food with Kimchi in one compartment, there are cases when the other type of food
Keep Kimchi in the Kimchi container
When using the Kimchi container, fill it up to the line
so that the juice does not get spilled over and before
sure to close the lid tightly to reduce any exposure to
air. This will help prevent Kimchi from turning sour
and forming molds on the surface. Also you can
prevent this by covering the surface of the Kimchi by
using the outer cabbage leaves or clean plastic wrap.
Store vegetables and fruits in the designated container.
Because some vegetables and fruits can be damaged by
the coldness, store them in the designated container.
Because washed vegetables can turn bad faster, do not
wash the vegetables before storing.
Do not store tropical fruits (banana, pineapple etc.) which
can go bad at low temperature.
Cool down hot food before putting it into the appliance
If you put hot food into the appliance, it will raise the
temperature and accelerate the seasoning of the
Kimchi, and also increase the electricity consumption.
To store the Kimchi for a long period of time
Put the Kimchi in the Kimchi container right after making it
and use the storage function to store.
Depending on the type of Kimchi and saltiness, Set the
storing temperature among "Min", "Mid" and "Max".
When storing the Kimchi for a long time, keep the Kimchi



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