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LG GR-K243UG User Manual page 47

Kimchi refrigerator
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When there is
bad smell from
When the Old
kimchi is not
ripened well
Did you drain the boiled
Did you adequately cool
down the soybeans before
putting them in the drawer
left compartment of the
Did you put subsidiaries too
much? (red pepper power,
Garlic, etc.)
Does the color of kimchi look
Doesn't it taste of ripe
When completely boiling the soybeans,
put them in the tray and drain/cool
them. If the beans have too much
moisture, it can smell sour and if too
little moisture, the surface can dry off to
block the fermenting. Drain for about 15
minutes while cooling down. When
cooling the beans shake to mix them
about 2 to 3 times.
If you put in the boiled beans without
cooling them down, they will be too
humid to be fermented and will cause
an irritating smell. Cool down the boiled
beans in room temperature for about 15
minutes and then mix them by shaking
the tray before putting them in the
To put too much subsidiaries such as red
peppers, etc. can hinder lactobacillus'
growth and the Kimchi can be unripe. In
this case, please ripen the Old Kimchi
once more.
The Old kimchi is the kimchi which is fully
ripened in the pot at least for one year up
to 5 years. The color of cabbage's leaves
is changed to dark red.
As the Old kimchi ripening function of a
kimchi refrigerator is to make the taste of
the Old kimchi in a short period of time,
the color can be lighter red comparing the
normal Old kimchi but the taste should
be the same.
How the Old kimchi is to the taste would be
different by an age range and a region., If it
tastes of less ripe, you can ferment once more.



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