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Refrigerating Food - LG GR-K243UG User Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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When the

refrigerating food

is freezing (over
cooling condition)
When there is a
bad smell in the
When there is
icing or dew
drops forming
When the door
does not close
Is the storage set to the correct
food type?
Is the storing temperature set to
Are you storing the food in a
storing container?
Have you sealed the food with a
strong smell?
Is the Kimchi container tightly
Did you cool down the hot food
before storing it?
Did you keep the door open for a
long time?
Did you put food with moisture in
the container without tightly
closing the lid?
Did you put too much food within
the refrigerator?
Is the food touching the door of
the refrigerator?
Is there any ice on the floor of the
Check the storing button by the
food type.
Change the storing
temperature to "Mid" or "Min".
Put the food in the storing
container for storage.
Store food with strong smell in
a sealed container.
Tightly close the Kimchi
Cool down the hot food
before storing the food.
The dew drops will naturally
disappear if you keep the door
closed but it is better to wipe
them off with a dry cloth.
When storing the food, keep it
in a container with a lid or a seal.
Keep an appropriate clearance
around the refrigerator for
good air circulation.
Store the food so that it does
not touch the door.
Remove the ice on the bottom
of the refrigerator floor.



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