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Installation Method - LG GR-K243UG User Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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Installation method

Ground properly during installation.
It can cause
electrical shock in
case of a problem
or leakage.
Do not install the appliance where
it is too hot or is subject to direct
Install the appliance where the
ambient temperature is between
5 to 43 . If the temperature of
the installation location is too high,
it can cause
problems to
the function
and change
the color of the refrigerator.
Maintain a suitable clearance
around the appliance.
Maintain suitable clearance
around the appliance as shown in
the figure. If there is insufficient
clearance, the appliance
performance deteriorates and the
electricity cost will increase.
More than
When pushing the appliance in,
make sure the power cord is not
pressed by the bottom or back of
the product.
It can cause fire or electrical
shock. If you hang the power cord
to the hanger on the back of the
product, you will be able to reduce
the possibility of the power cord
being pressed.
Install the appliance on a firm and
level floor.
If the floor is unstable, the vibration may cause
noise and functional failure.
• If the appliance is not leveled, use the
horizontal adjusting leg to level the product.
• When install the appliance on a carpeted floor
or on the wooden floor, place a piece of
plywood or similar material underneath
to prevent the discoloration.
• Instable installation may cause to fall the
refrigerator to damage you.
than 10cm.
Power cord hanger



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