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LG GR-K243UG User Manual page 7

Kimchi refrigerator
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Do not install the appliance in a damp
place or where water will spatter.
Water will degrade the insulation,
posing a shock hazard.
If you smell something burning or see
smoke from the refrigerator, immediately
unplug the power and contact the service
It can cause a fire.
Do not climb on top of the refrigerator or go
inside the refrigerator after opening the door.
• The refrigerator may fall over or the person can fall from the
refrigerator to get injured.Especially when the refrigerator is
installed on the veranda, child can
fall from the refrigerator
and cause death.
• Child can suffocate when
trapped inside the refrigerator.
Do not step on the drawer.
It is dangerous to step on
the basket because of
accidental basket breaking.
Do not store any drinks in glass bottle.
If you store a drink in glass bottle (alcohol,
cider, juice etc.) and the drink freezes,
the bottle can break
and cause an injury.
Do not lit a candle inside the refrigerator
to remove the smell.
There is a danger of
an explosion or a fire.
Service Center
You should always get service before
using if the refrigerator has been
submersed under water.
It can cause a fire
or an electric shock.



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