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How To Make Delicious Old Kimchi - LG GR-K243UG User Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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How to make delicious Old Kimchi

Preparation of materials
Please prepare basic materials such as Cabbages for winter
reservation, red pepper powder, mashed garlic,
mashed ginger, green onion, pickled anchovies (a little),
pickled shrimps, salt, etc. The ratio of subsidiaries is
according to the table on the right. Basically, the Old Kimchi
should be made more saltily than the general Kimchi.
• You should use the cabbage for winter reservation. If you use the
summer cabbage, you can not taste the Old Kimchi because the
cabbage gets flabby.
• To put too much subsidiaries such as red peppers, etc. can hinder
lactobacillus' growth and the Kimchi can be unripe.
How to make the Old Kimchi
1) To pickle cabbages with salt (Salinity after pickling: 2.0-2.2%) – same as the way of making the
general Kimchi.
Cut cabbages into two equal parts
Using water twice as heavy as cabbages, make the salt water including 8% of salt (amount of general salty
Immerse the cabbages equally divided in salt water for 12~15 hours and scatter some salt in the inner part of
the cabbages.
(Please use more salt to scatter in the inner part of the cabbages than that that for the general Kimchi.)
2) To make Kimchi
Wash the pickled cabbages with water and remove water from the cabbages for 1 hour.
Make the other materials except cabbages and leave them for around 10 minutes. (Fermenting process of
Apply evenly the seasoning to all the corners of the cabbages.
Put them in the Kimchi container of the left section of the drawer. Arrange the cutting side up to prevent the
seasoning from flowing out from the cabbages. (press firmly because the less room the better)
Cover the Kimchi with cabbage leaves salted not long before eating.
3) Fermentation of the Old Kimchi (ripening)
Put the Kimchi container in the left section of the drawer and select the "Fermentation of the Old Kimchi".
When completing the fermentation of the Old Kimchi, the remaining time becomes to "0" and the status is
automatically changed to under the "storage of the Old Kimchi".
If you think that the Old Kimchi is unripe, you can execute the fermentation of the Old Kimchi once more.
What is the Old Kimchi?
This is the Kimchi which is fully ripened in the pot at least for one year up to 5 years.
It tastes of nicely salty, acidulous, bitterish, and deeply flavorous. And, the acidity level is around
1.0% which is much higher than the general Kimchi.
[How to make the Old Kimchi
with salinity of 3.5%]
130 (pickled
cabbage 100)
Red pepper powder
Mashed garlic
Mashed ginger
Green onion
Pickled anchovies
Pickled shrimps
The Salinity of pickied anchovy : 25% (Degree of Sales)



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