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LG GR-K243UG User Manual page 42

Kimchi refrigerator
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Not a problem
When you hear "dreruk", "dulkuk" or "woong" sound.
This is the noise coming from the compressor or fan
when the refrigerator starts or ends operating just like a
car makes a noise when starting or ending the engine.
When you hear "tuk tak", "krook", "shik" or "shoo" sound
This is the sound of operating the refrigerator from parts moving
or refrigerant flowing. So be safe because it is not a problem.
Kimchi freezes
Heat comes out from the top of the refrigerator. Heat pipe
goes around the rim of the front side to prevent dew
drops forming. It can feel a bit heated during first use or
during the summer, but it is not a problem.
Dew drops form on the cover of the Chungukjang tray.
When the boiled soybeans are heated, moisture within
the soybean comes out to form water drops on the cover, which is normal.
There is a weird smell.
This is a unique smell of the Chungukjang when being fermented by the bacillus.
This smell can easily be spread on the fermenting container and inside the refrigerator drawer.
Therefore to prevent this, cleanly wash the tray and basket after fermenting, and remove the
moisture. Wipe inside the drawer of the refrigerator with a neutral cleaner.
There is no resin with string like shape
The condition of the completely fermented Chungukjang differs by the quality
of soybean, cooked level and fermenting process.
Successfully fermented Chungukjang has the following characteristics.
There is no resin but the surface of the bean turned white.
Where there is resin that forms strings and disappear
When the resin is sticky like pizza cheese
tuk! tak!



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