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LG GR-K192UF User Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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Service center

P.O. Box240007
201 James Record Road
Huntsville, AL 35824
Kimchi refrigerator
User's Guide
P/No. MFL31452704



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  • Page 1: Service Center

    Kimchi refrigerator User's Guide GR-K192UF Service center Address: P.O. Box240007 201 James Record Road Huntsville, AL 35824 Call: 1-800-243-0000 Web: P/No. MFL31452704...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of content Safety precautions ......................Cautions during use ...................... Installation method ...................... Moving and voltage changing method ............Name of each part ......................Name and function of operating control parts ......Using method of operating control parts ........• How to store food (Kimchi, Vegetable, frozen food) ....16 •...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions Safety precautions must be observed to prevent accident or injury. Keep this manual in a convenient place where it is readily available for reference. This symbol indicates a warning about a specific event or condition. ▶ Not keeping the instruction may cause severe danger such as death Warning or serious wound.
  • Page 4 Do not extend or modify the length of the Unplug the appliance and wipe the cord power plug. with a dry cloth and plug it in firmly. There is a danger of electric If the cord or plug are dusty shot of fire from or wet, or has a poor electrical damage to...
  • Page 5 Safety precautions When using the refrigerator Do not store anything that could leak Do not use sharp tools to defrost or water or other fluid such as flower vase, remove ice from the appliance. cup, cosmetics, chemical etc. • The product may be damaged, resulting in fire or electrical shock.
  • Page 6 Do not install the appliance in a damp Do not store any drinks in glass bottle. place or where water will spatter. If you store a drink in glass bottle (alcohol, cider, juice etc.) and the drink freezes, Water will degrade the insulation, the bottle can break posing a shock hazard.
  • Page 7 Safety precautions Caution ▶ It can damage the house or appliance. Always take special caution. When operating the doors, be sure to Do not insert your hands or metal rod into the avoid placing your hands where the doors cover, the bottom of the refrigerator or others. could close on them.
  • Page 8: Cautions During Use

    Cautions during use Do not overfill the Kimchi storage containers. As Kimchi is fermented, it increases in volume and the juice can overflow. Also if the container lid is open on one end, the Kimchi will turn sour quickly and mold may form. Fill the container only up to 80% and firmly close the lid.
  • Page 9: Installation Method

    Installation method Ground properly during installation. When pushing the appliance in, make sure the power cord is not It can cause pressed by the bottom or back of electrical shock in the product. case of a problem or leakage. It can cause fire or electrical shock.
  • Page 10 Advantages of the product Easy installation Various food storage capabilities With a nice design to fit well with You can not only store and ferment any place in the kitchen, the Kimchi but also use exclusively for refrigerator can be installed any freezing to expand your variety of location where there temperature is food to store.
  • Page 11 Ground safely. Grounding terminal Power outlet Plug the cord into a 115V grounded outlet. for AC 115V No need for grounding. If you are unwure of the voltage or grounding integrity, consult a qualified electrician or service person. ■ In the event of an electric short circuit, grounding reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current.
  • Page 12: Moving And Voltage Changing Method

    Moving and voltage changing method When transporting Before transportation • Remove all food from the appliance and secure the Kimchi containers and doors with tape. Rear • Turn the horizontal adjusting leg side counterclockwise( ) all the way and tighten it. •...
  • Page 13: Name Of Each Part

    Name of each part Left door Deodorizer Right door Kimchi storage container - Store food in the Kimchi container. Vegetable freshness storage container ※ The size and shape of the If you store food for a long time Kimchi container may or store Kimchi in "Max"...
  • Page 14: Name And Function Of Operating Control Parts

    Name and function of operating control parts Before actually making and storing Kimchi, read and understand the name and function of each button. To use the LG Kimchi Refrigerator, you must press the Lock/Unlock button for Left compartment operation part Right compartment operation part This prevents any unintended changes of setting from children.
  • Page 15 ▶ The color of the display may vary depending on the model. more than 2 seconds to unlock the control. This button maintains the delicious Kimchi fresh. • If you feel that the flavor is right during the storing and fermenting process of the Kimchi, you can press the Flavor Keeping button to keep the current flavor of the Kimchi for a longer period of time.
  • Page 16: Using Method Of Operating Control Parts

    Using method of operating control parts How to store food (Kimchi, Vegetable, frozen food) When you connect the power and the control panel is on, you can store the Kimchi at standard temperature without any setting. Kimchi/Vegetable/frozen food To store the Kimchi with in left and right compartment Press the Lock/Unlock...
  • Page 17: How To Store Kimchi Deliciously

    How to store kimchi deliciously This function maintains the current flavor of the stored Kimchi for a long time. Flavor Keeping To store the Kimchi with in left and right compartment Press the Lock/Unlock button for more than seconds. • Press the Lock/Unlock button for more than 2 seconds.
  • Page 18: Rhythmic Fermentation Of Cabbage Kimchi/Radish Kimchi

    Using method of operating control parts Rhythmic fermentation of Cabbage kimchi/Radish kimchi/ Broth kimchi If you select the rhythm ferment (seasoning), the storing period will be shorter Caution than selecting store. Seasoning and rhythm fermenting are the same function. To ferment Kimchi in left and right compartment Press the Lock/Unlock button...
  • Page 19: Broth Kimchi

    Press the Ferment Button • Select the type of Kimchi and the fermenting stage by pressing the Ferment button. • Every time you press the button, the menu will switch as follows. Radish Kimchi, Broth Kimchi (total 3 stages): • Select the right fermenting stage according to the type of food to store and the degree of saltiness of the Kimchi.
  • Page 20: Caution During Vegetable And Light Freezing Storage

    Caution during vegetable and light freezing storage Note the following when storing vegetable ■ To store vegetable or fruit for a long time Because washed vegetables can turn bad easily, do not wash the vegetable before storing. Because leaf vegetables (sesame leaves, lettuce etc.) cannot be stored for a long time, wrap them in a newspaper or a sealed container to increase their storage period.
  • Page 21: General Knowledge About Kimchi

    General knowledge about Kimchi The seasoning process begins with adding salt. Fermentation begins when salt is added to the Kimchi. Various substances within the cabbage and other vegetables begin to ferment and proteins are decomposed in the process. Thus, Kimchi will ferment and be seasoned even at low temperature. This is how Kimchi is slowly seasoned during the cold winter time.
  • Page 22 General knowledge about Kimchi The effect of temperature on making Kimchi The ambient temperature affects the seasoning process. Kimchi stores well and keeps its taste well at temperature below 10 . To store Kimchi for a long period of time Clean Plastic Because Kimchi is a live food, it will go bad after a...
  • Page 23: Proper Food Storage

    Proper food storage Set the proper temperature for food storage. If you select Fresh, Standard and Mature function for the Kimchi storage, it will turn sour fast. When setting the storage temperature to "Max", it can make some types of Kimchi to freeze.
  • Page 24: Cleaning Instructions

    Cleaning instructions Before cleaning For safety always unplug the appliance before cleaning it. Cleaning the outside Wipe with a damp cloth. Use a neutral, non- abrasive detergent. Always wipe with clean cloth after using neutral detergent. Don’t use abrasive, petroleum-based cleaner, benzene, lacquer thinner, hydrochloric acid, boiling water or a stiff or wife brush.
  • Page 25 How to reuse the deodorizer Press the back latch of the deodorizer cover and pull up the cover. Open the cover and remove the deodorant block. Dry it with a hair dryer or leave it in the sun for a couple of hours. Replace the deodorant block into the hold and close the cover.
  • Page 26: Not A Problem

    Not a problem Kimchi flavor Kimchi freezes The storing temperature of Kimchi is around 0 . The freezing temperature changed according to type of Kimchi, spices, amount of salt etc. At this time, low the storing temperature of the Kimchi. If the storing temperature is "Max", set to "Mid"...
  • Page 27 Temperature Kimchi freezes Heat comes out from the top of the refrigerator. Heat pipe goes around the rim of the front side to prevent dew drops forming. It can feel a bit heated during first use or during the summer, but it is not a problem. Icing, dew, ice, water, mold There are dew drops forming outside the refrigerator.
  • Page 28: Checkpoints Before Requesting For Service

    Checkpoints before requesting for service Check Resolution When the Is the power shut-down? Check the power of the other cooling does product. not work at all Is the power plug unplugged from Connect the power cord the outlet? properly to the outlet. Is the installed location too hot Install the refrigerator where or cold?
  • Page 29: Refrigerating Food

    Check Resolution When the Is the storage set to the correct Check the storing button by the refrigerating food food type? food type. is freezing (over Is the storing temperature set to Change the storing cooling condition) "Max"? temperature to "Mid" or "Min". Are you storing the food in a Put the food in the storing storing container?
  • Page 30: Customer Rights

    When a problem occurred from mistakenly connecting to a wrong voltage ❹ When a problem occurred from using parts or supplies not from LG Electronics. ❺ When parts are missing or the product is damaged from customer’s disassembly ❻...
  • Page 31: Product Specification

    Product specification Product specification The details (external shape and product specification) indicated within this manual are subject to change without notification to improve the quality of the product. Model name GR-K192UF Classification Total capacity 188.6L Capacity Left compartment 94.3L Right compartment 94.3L...
  • Page 32 MEMO...