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LG GR-K243UG User Manual page 33

Kimchi refrigerator
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Store Chungukjang
When the Chungukjang is fermented (35 to 42 hours), the remaining time will be shown as "0
hours", and it will automatically switch to Chungukjang storing in "Mid" temperature. When the
fermenting process is complete, store the Chungukjang in the storage container and leave it in
the drawer left compartment. When Chungukjang is done, wash the tray and basket, and wipe
the inner part of the drawer with a neutral cleaner to reduce the Chungukjang smell. If you want
to store Chungukjang for a long period of time, wrap the Chungukjang in a wrap and keep it at
• If you open the drawer during fermenting, it can affect the temperature and humidity, and the
soybeans may not be fermented.
• When open/closing the drawer, be careful not to shake the tray.
(When the dew drops from the cover of the tray falls on the beans during the fermenting process of
Chungukjang, the sticky resin (bacteria) on the Chungukjang melts, to stop the fermenting process.)
• If the soybeans are not cooked well, the bacillus will not penetrate deep inside the beans and may be
ferment the beans. Refer to General knowledge about Chungukjang below for the condition of well
cooked soybeans.
General knowledge about Chungukjang
Effective Chungukjang diet
As the function of Chungukjang is highly evaluated, people are eating more Chungukjang. But as the
old saying goes, less is better than too much. It is recommended that you eat an appropriate amount.
On a daily basis, 1 to 2 large spoonful of Chungukjang (10-20g) is an appropriate amount to eat. Even
though there are many ways to cook Chungukjang, it is most effective to eat raw Chungukjang as it is.
When making Chungukjang soup, only put in half while boiling and put the rest after you turn off the
heating so that the bacillus stays alive.
Condition of completely fermented Chungukjang
The condition of the completely fermented
Chungukjang differs by the quality of soybean,
cooked level and fermenting process.
Successfully fermented Chungukjang has the
following characteristics.
- There is no resin but the surface of the bean turned white.
- Where there is resin that forms strings and disappear
- When the resin is sticky like pizza cheese



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