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Cleaning Instructions - LG GR-K243UG User Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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Cleaning instructions

Before cleaning
For safety always unplug the appliance before
cleaning it.
Cleaning the outside
Wipe with a damp cloth. Use a neutral, non-abrasive
detergent. Always wipe with clean cloth after using
neutral detergent. Don't use abrasive, petroleum-based
cleaner, benzene, lacquer thinner, hydrochloric acid,
boiling water or a stiff or wife brush. These and similar
items will damage the outer case of your appliance.
Kimchi container lids
Clean it after removing the rubber packing within the lid. Re-install the
rubber packing after cleaning.
Do not boil the kimchi bowl or the cover in water at
Cleaning the inside
Do not use a sharp object to remove ice. If ice forms inside the
appliance and you cannot get the containers loose, remove as
much as you can and then turn the appliance off. Leave the door
open and the ice will melt very quickly. Then proceed with
cleaning. Wipe the inside with a dry cloth to remove all moisture.
Do not use other measures or instrument to defrost the inside of the
refrigerator. It may cause risk such as fire.
Cleaning the door packing
The door packing can be damaged easily from juice from
food, fruit juice and Kimchi juice. Wipe the packing and its
sealing surface regularly with a damp cloth.
or hotter.



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