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LG GR-K243UG User Manual page 43

Kimchi refrigerator
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The Old Kimchi
It takes too long time to ferment the Old Kimchi.
The Old Kimchi is the Kimchi which is fully ripened in the pot at least for one
year up to 5 years. It tastes of nicely salty, acidulous, bitterish, and deeply
flavorous. And, the acidity level is around 1.0% which is much higher than the
general Kimchi.
It takes a long time before you can eat the Old Kimchi. This is the function to
be able to eat it within one month. The terms of the fermentation of the Old
Kimchi depends on fermentation degree (Low ripe, Ripe, and High ripe) and
ambient temperature and it takes around 23~30 days.
It tastes of high acidulous
The Old Kimchi has higher acidity than the general Kimchi. That is, it is a sour
Kimchi. It tastes of more sour than the general kimchi fully ripened.
The fermentation of Kimchi is slowly progressed even under the storage state
after completion of ripening. As the acidity is continuously becoming higher, you
had better eat early.
It does not taste of deeply flavorous (acidulous).
How the Old kimchi is to the taste would be different by an age range and a
region, and by what kinds of subsidiaries are used when making the Old kimchi.
As the fermentation of the Old kimchi is slowly progressed even after
completion of fermentation, the acidulous taste will be stronger a few days later.
If it tastes of much weaker acidulous, you can execute the fermentation once
The color of the kimchi is not like the one of the Old kimchi.
The Old kimchi is the kimchi which is fully ripened in the pot at least for one year
up to 5 years. The color of cabbage's leaves is changed to dark red.
As the Old kimchi ripening function of a kimchi refrigerator is to make the taste
of the Old kimchi in a short period of time, the color can be lighter red
comparing the Old kimchi made in the traditional way but the taste should be
the same.
The kimchi smells too strong
As the Old kimchi has higher acidity than the general Kimchi, it has strong
kimchi smell due to acidulous smell. To close tightly the cover of the container
after putting the kimchi in the container and wrapping the upper part of it can
reduce the smell leaked out.



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