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Embroidery Unit; Operation Buttons - Brother NC21SE Operation Manual

Computerized sewing and embroidery machine.
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Embroidery Unit

a Carriage
The carriage moves the embroidery frame automatically when
b Release button (located under the embroidery unit)
Press the release button to remove the embroidery unit.
c Feed dog position switch
Use the feed dog position switch to raise and lower the feed
dogs while the embroidery unit is attached.
d Embroidery unit connection
Insert the embroidery unit connection into the connection port
when attaching the embroidery unit.
e Embroidery frame holder
Insert the embroidery frame into the embroidery frame holder to
hold the frame in place.
f Frame-securing lever
Press the frame-securing lever down to secure the embroidery
• After the embroidery frame is set in the frame
holder, be sure the frame-securing lever is
correctly lowered.
• Be sure that the feed dog position switch on
the embroidery unit is located at right when
• You can also sew utility/decorative stitches
with the embroidery unit attached. Set the
feed dog position switch on the embroidery
unit to the appropriate setting.

Operation Buttons

a "Start/Stop" button
Press this button and the machine will sew a few stitches at a
slow speed and then begin sewing at the speed set by the
sewing speed controller. Press the button again to stop the
machine. Hold the button in to sew at the machine's slowest
speed. The button changes color according to the machine's
operation mode.
the machine is ready to sew or is sewing.
the machine cannot sew.
b "Reverse/Reinforcement Stitch" button
Use this button to sew reinforcement stitches at the beginning
and end of sewing. Press this button, and the machine sews 3
stitches in the same spot and stops automatically. For straight
and zigzag stitch patterns that take reverse stitches, the
machine will sew reverse stitches at low speed only while
holding down the "Reverse/Reinforcement Stitch" button (the
stitches are sewn in the opposite direction).
c "Needle Position" button
Use this button when changing sewing direction or for detailed
sewing in small areas. Press this button to raise or lower the
needle position. Press the button twice to sew a single stitch.
d "Thread Cutter" button
Press this button after sewing to automatically trim the excess
e "Presser Foot Lifter" button
Press this button to lower the presser foot and apply pressure to
the fabric. Press this button again to raise the presser foot.
f Sewing Speed controller
Use this controller to adjust the sewing speed. Move the slide to
the left to sew at slower speeds. Move the slide to the right to
sew at higher speeds. Beginners should sew at a slow speed.
g "Automatic Threading" button
Use this button to automatically thread the needle.
• Do not press the thread cutter button after the
threads have already been cut. Otherwise, the
needle may break, the threads may become
tangled, or damage to the machine may occur.


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