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Brother Duetta 4500D Operation Manual

Premium upgrade package, version 4.0 upgrade kit.
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Innov-ís 4500D/4000D/4000
Version 4.0 Upgrade Kit Operation Manual
Before using this upgrade kit, be sure to read this Operation Manual for
information on its correct use.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Innov-ís 4500D/4000D/4000 PREMIUM UPGRADE PACKAGE Version 4.0 Upgrade Kit Operation Manual Before using this upgrade kit, be sure to read this Operation Manual for information on its correct use.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Before You Start........................2 New Features..........................2 Embroidering with the Border Embroidery Frame..............3 Sample Projects Using the Border Embroidery Frame ............3 Selecting a Pattern ......................3 Hooping the Fabric in the Border Embroidery Frame ............5 Attaching the Border Embroidery Frame to the Embroidery Unit ......... 7 Embroidering the First Pattern .....................
  • Page 3: Before You Start

    Before You Start It is important to perform the upgrade according to the procedure described in the Installation Guide. The machine can then be used as described in the Operation Manual. New machine features and benefits are described in this guide.
  • Page 4: Embroidering With The Border Embroidery Frame

    ■ Selecting a Pattern Embroidering with the Border For this example, we will select an embroidery pattern available on the CD-ROM. Embroidery Frame Since the fabric can easily be repositioned and rehooped if the border embroidery frame is used, this frame is useful for embroidering repeated patterns while sliding the fabric.
  • Page 5 If necessary, add the thread mark. Since the Press pattern will be repeatedly embroidered from the top to the bottom, add the thread mark at From the embroidery frame display settings, the lower center of the pattern. When you are select one of the embroidery frame displays finished, press for the border embroidery frame.
  • Page 6: Hooping The Fabric In The Border Embroidery Frame

    Press Memo • Select the location where the thread mark is to be added according to the direction that the embroidery is repeated. ■ Hooping the Fabric in the Border Embroidery Frame With a chalk pen, mark the fabric with a line drawn down the center of the area to be embroidered.
  • Page 7 Affix stabilizer material to the fabric to be Place the embroidery sheet in the upper embroidered. frame, align the guide line on the embroidery sheet with the mark (line) on the fabric, and then press down on the left and right locking Note levers until they click into place.
  • Page 8: Attaching The Border Embroidery Frame To The Embroidery Unit

    ■ Attaching the Border Embroidery Frame to Slide the border embroidery frame into the embroidery frame holder, making sure to the Embroidery Unit align the border embroidery frame's arrow mark ( ) with the embroidery frame holder's CAUTION arrow mark ( ). •...
  • Page 9: Embroidering The First Pattern

    ■ Embroidering the First Pattern ■ Removing the Border Embroidery Frame Note Note • When the border embroidery frame is used, the • Before removing the border embroidery frame from embroidering time may be slightly longer than the the embroidery unit, make sure that the embroidery time that appears in the screen, depending on the unit carriage has moved to its initial position.
  • Page 10: Embroidering The Next Pattern

    ■ Embroidering the Next Pattern to select the needle position that Press both lock release buttons and slide the fabric to align the embroidering area of the will align with the thread mark at the end of next pattern, and rehoop the fabric in the previous embroidery.
  • Page 11 Embroider the next pattern. To continue embroidering a repeating pattern, repeat the to align the needle position with procedure starting with “Removing the Border Embroidery Frame”. the point of the thread mark. CAUTION • If the sewing machine is turned off, then turned on again with the border embroidery frame attached or if you try to select a stitch from the Utility Stitch screen or the Character/Decorative Stitch screen...
  • Page 12: If The Bobbin Runs Out Of Thread

    ■ If the Bobbin Runs Out of Thread Selecting a New Border Pattern If the bobbin runs out of thread while embroidering, the machine stops and a message appears. Follow the procedure described below to replace the 150 decorative stitch patterns have been added as border patterns.
  • Page 13: Creating An Appliqué Piece

    Press Creating an Appliqué Piece Select the pattern, and edit it if necessary. Appliqué pieces can be created from the built-in patterns and patterns on embroidery cards. This is convenient for fabrics that cannot be embroidered or when you wish to attach an appliqué to a garment. ■...
  • Page 14 Press , and then display P. 6 of the Press to select the appliqué setting. settings screen. to specify the distance between the pattern and the appliqué outline. Memo • To cancel the setting, press • If no pattern is selected, the key appears gray and Memo cannot be selected.
  • Page 15 Remove the appliqué material from the Note embroidery frame, and then carefully cut along the stitching. After cutting, carefully • An appliqué piece cannot be created if the pattern is remove all of the cutting line thread. too large or too complicated or a combined pattern is separated.
  • Page 16: Using A Frame Pattern For The Outline

    Thread the machine with the thread for the Use scissors to cut the excess water-soluble outline from step , and then sew the stabilizer from outside the appliqué outline. placement line for the appliqué position Soak the appliqué piece in water to dissolve (APPLIQUE POSITION).
  • Page 17 Edit the frame pattern to fit the size of the to select the frame pattern, appliqué pattern. and then press Press to select the appliqué piece → The frame pattern is deleted. setting. Press , and then press Press Continue with step of “Creating an Appliqué...
  • Page 18: Changing The Pointer Shape When A Usb Mouse Is Used

    Changing the Pointer Shape When a Changing the Background Colors of USB Mouse Is Used the Embroidering Patterns In the settings screen, the shape can be selected for the In the settings screen, the background colors can be pointer that appears when a USB mouse is connected. changed for the embroidery pattern and pattern Depending on the background color, select the desired thumbnails.
  • Page 19: Basting Embroidery

    to select the background color Basting Embroidery from the four settings available ( Before embroidering, basting stitches can be sewn along the outline of the pattern. This is useful for embroidering fabric that cannot have stabilizer material affixed with an iron or adhesive. By attaching stabilizer material to the fabric, shrinkage of the stitching or misaligned pattern can be prevented.
  • Page 20: Separating Combined Character Patterns

    Press to return to the previous screen. Separating Combined Character Patterns Press to select the basting setting. Combined character patterns can be separated to adjust the character spacing or to separately edit the patterns after all characters have been entered. Press Press , and then select the font.
  • Page 21 Press to select a pattern, and then use to adjust the character spacing. → The key appears as to select where the pattern is to be separated, and then press to separate Press it. For this example, the pattern will be separated between “T”...
  • Page 22: Selecting A Small Font/cyrillic Font

    Enter the characters. Selecting a Small Font/Cyrillic Font Two small fonts and two Cyrillic fonts have been added. For details on the patterns, refer to “List of New Patterns” at the end of this guide. The following procedure describes how to select patterns in embroidery edit mode.
  • Page 23: List Of New Patterns

    List of New Patterns ■ Border Patterns (Additions from Decorative Stitch Patterns)
  • Page 24: Small Fonts

    ■ Small Fonts ■ Small Fonts ■ Cyrillic Fonts...
  • Page 25: Cyrillic Fonts

    ■ Cyrillic Fonts...
  • Page 26 English 111-001...

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