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Operation - Makita DLW140 Instruction Manual

Cordless portable cut-off
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Electronic function
The tools equipped with electronic function are easy to
operate because of the following feature(s).
Soft start feature
Soft start because of suppressed starting shock.
Always be sure that the tool is
switched off and the battery cartridge is removed
before working on the tool. Failure to switch off and
remove the battery cartridge may result in serious
personal injury.
Opening center cap type safety
Country specific
For the tools equipped with center cap type safety
guard, loosen the clamping screw first then raise the
► Fig.11: 1. Clamping screw
Opening European type safety
Country specific
For the tools equipped with European type safety guard,
loosen the clamping screw first then open the guard as
► Fig.12: 1. Clamping screw
► Fig.13
► Fig.14
Removing or installing cut-off wheel
Be sure to tighten the toolless
clamp securely. Insufficient tightening may result in
severe injury.
Always use only the proper inner
and outer flanges which are provided with the tool.
Always lower the safety guard
after replacing the cut-off wheel.
Wear gloves when handling wheels.
Raise the safety guard. Turn the toolless clamp coun-
terclockwise while holding down the shaft lock. Then
remove the toolless clamp, outer flange and cut-off
wheel. When removing the cut-off wheel, do not remove
the inner flange as well as the ring and O-ring.
► Fig.15: 1. Shaft lock 2. Toolless clamp
► Fig.16: 1. Inner flange 2. Ring 3. O-ring 4. Cut-off
wheel 5. Outer flange 6. Toolless clamp
To install the cut-off wheel, follow the removal proce-
dures in reverse. Make sure to fit the hole of cut-off
wheel to the ring and return the safety guard.


Proper handle pressure during
cutting and maximum cutting efficiency can
be determined by the amount of sparks that is
produced while cutting. Do not force the cut
by applying excessive pressure on the handle.
Reduced cutting efficiency, premature wheel wear, as
well as, possible damage to the tool, cut-off wheel or
workpiece may result.
Hold the handle firmly. Switch on the tool and wait until the
cut-off wheel attains full speed before lowering gently into
the cut. When the cut-off wheel contacts the workpiece,
gradually bear down on the handle to perform the cut.
When the cut is completed, switch off the tool and wait
until the cut-off wheel has come to a complete stop
before returning the handle to the fully elevated position.
Cutting capacity
Maximum cutting capacity varies depending on the
cutting angle and workpiece shape.
Max. cutting capacity with a brand-new cut-off wheel
Cutting angle /
Workpiece shape
NOTE: A workpiece thinner than 1.6 mm is recom-
mended for cutting with this tool.
Securing workpiece
Always place the thread holder on
the shaft threads when securing the workpiece.
Failure to do so may result in insufficient securing of
the workpiece. This could cause the workpiece to be
ejected or cause a dangerous breakage of the cut-off
While the thread holder is lifted, the vise plate can be
moved in and out quickly. To grip a workpiece, push the
handle until the vise plate contacts the workpiece then
return the thread holder. Turn the handle clockwise until
the workpiece is securely retained.
► Fig.17: 1. Handle 2. Thread holder 3. Vise plate
ø 127 mm
ø 127 mm
115 x 130 mm
115 x 103 mm
102 x 194 mm
70 x 233 mm
119 x 119 mm
106 x 106 mm
137 x 137 mm
100 x 100 mm


Table of Contents

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