Makita DLW140 Instruction Manual

Cordless portable cut-off
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Cordless Portable Cut-off
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  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Cordless Portable Cut-off DLW140 Read before use.
  • Page 2: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Model: DLW140 Wheel diameter 355 mm Hole diameter 25.4 mm Max. wheel thickness 3 mm No load speed 3,800 min Rated voltage D.C. 36 V Dimensions With European type safety guard 537 mm x 290 mm x 640 mm...
  • Page 3: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    Do not expose power tools to rain or wet con- NOTE: The declared vibration emission value has ditions. Water entering a power tool will increase been measured in accordance with the standard test the risk of electric shock. method and may be used for comparing one tool with Do not abuse the cord.
  • Page 4: Cut-Off Machine Safety Warnings

    Battery tool use and care Recharge only with the charger specified by the manufacturer. A charger that is suitable for one type of battery pack may create a risk of fire when used with another battery pack. Use power tools only with specifically desig- nated battery packs. Use of any other battery packs may create a risk of injury and fire.
  • Page 5 Always use undamaged wheel flanges that are Maintain a firm grip on the power tool and of correct diameter for your selected wheel. position your body and arm to allow you to Proper wheel flanges support the wheel thus resist kickback forces. The operator can control reducing the possibility of wheel breakage.
  • Page 6: Installation

    14. Store wheels in a dry location only. have been altered, may result in the battery bursting causing fires, personal injury and damage. It will SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. also void the Makita warranty for the Makita tool and charger. Important safety instructions for battery cartridge Tips for maintaining maximum...
  • Page 7: Functional Description

    To remove the battery cartridge, slide it from the tool FUNCTIONAL while sliding the button on the front of the cartridge. DESCRIPTION To install the battery cartridge, align the tongue on the battery cartridge with the groove in the housing and slip it into place.
  • Page 8: Switch Action

    A switch in need of repair ► 1 . Indicator lamps 2. Check button may result in unintentional operation and serious personal injury. Return tool to a Makita service center Press the check button on the battery cartridge to indi- for proper repairs BEFORE further usage.
  • Page 9 NOTICE: Do not pull the switch trigger hard without pressing in the lock-off button. This can cause switch breakage. Load status indicator The load status indicator shows the level of the load on the motor during cutting operation. As the load on the motor increases, the number of lighting lamp increases.
  • Page 10: Electronic Function

    Spark guard adjustment Opening European type safety guard Country specific The spark guard is factory-installed with its lower edge contact- Country specific ing the base. Operating the tool in this position will cause many For the tools equipped with European type safety guard, sparks to fly around. Loosen the screw and adjust the spark loosen the clamping screw first then open the guard as guard to a position at which minimum sparks will fly around.
  • Page 11: Operation

    Removing or installing cut-off wheel OPERATION CAUTION: Be sure to tighten the toolless CAUTION: Proper handle pressure during clamp securely. Insufficient tightening may result in cutting and maximum cutting efficiency can severe injury. be determined by the amount of sparks that is CAUTION: Always use only the proper inner produced while cutting.
  • Page 12 While the thread holder is lifted, the vise plate can be moved in NOTICE: When using a spacer block, install the and out quickly. To grip a workpiece, push the handle until the vise guide plate to the position nearest to the neck of plate contacts the workpiece then return the thread holder.
  • Page 13: Carrying Tool

    Never use gasoline, benzine, thinner, alcohol or the like. Discoloration, deformation or cracks may result. To maintain product SAFETY and RELIABILITY, repairs, any other maintenance or adjustment should be performed by Makita Authorized or Factory Service Centers, always using Makita replacement parts. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES CAUTION: These accessories or attachments are recommended for use with your Makita tool specified in this manual.
  • Page 16 Makita Europe N.V. Jan-Baptist Vinkstraat 2, 3070 Kortenberg, Belgium Makita Corporation 3-11-8, Sumiyoshi-cho, Anjo, Aichi 446-8502 Japan 885648-223 20180522...

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