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Tone Generator + Lcd (H8/3877 Series) - Hitachi H8/300L Series Manual

Single-chip microcomputer
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Application Perspectives

3. Tone Generator + LCD (H8/3877 Series)

Hitachi, Ltd. provides the H8/3877 Series as microcomputers that include on-chip high
precision dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) and multi-tone generator circuits. The H8/3877
Series microcomputers include 40 kbytes to 60 kbytes of ROM and a 2-kbyte large capacity
RAM on chip.
The DTMF generator circuit provides high precision DTMF signal output and the multi-tone
generator circuit provides arbitrary tone outputs at arbitrary frequencies.
These microcomputers provide on-chip an LCD controller/driver (52 segment lines ×
4 common lines), three types of timers, two serial communication interface (SCI) channels,
and an 8-channel A/D converter as additional peripheral functions.
Furthermore, these microcomputers support low voltage operation (2.7 V) and a rich set of low
power modes including microcomputer operation from a 32 kHz subclock making these
products optimal for applications which require backup operation during power outages or
battery operation.
Built-in DTMF and multi-tone
Built-in LCD display panel
Low power operation
Low voltage operation
(2.7 V to 5.5 V operation)
High precision DTMF signal output
Arbitrary frequency arbitrary waveform tone output
LCD display panels can be driven directly
Built-in controller
52 segment line built-in (static, 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 duty)
Up to 208 segments (when 1/4 duty is used)
Segments can be expanded externally (external + internal)
Up to 256 segments (static or 1/2 duty)
Backup operation during power outage
Can be used with battery driven equipment that does
not use LCD displays.
Tone Generator + LCD



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