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Multi-Tone Generator - Hitachi H8/300L Series Manual

Single-chip microcomputer
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Peripheral Functions

10. Multi-Tone Generator

The H8/3877 Series on-chip multi-tone generator can output arbitrary waveforms at arbitrary
Features: • Generates a wide range of frequencies, from 40 Hz to 4000 Hz (when
OSC = 10 MHz).
Frequency Range
40 Hz to 1000 Hz
1000 Hz to 3000 Hz
3000 Hz to 4000 Hz
The output frequency is generated by using a frame counter and a fine tuning
counter to divide the oscillator clock (f
• The output waveform is generated by a 5-bit resolution R-2R type D/A
converter at up to 128 divisions per cycle. This allows a stable low-distortion
waveform to be acquired.
• An arbitrary waveform pattern can be formed by storing a bit pattern in MTG
RAM (up to 128 bits).
Step Size
1 Hz
±0.05 Hz
1 Hz
±0.5 Hz
2 Hz
±1 Hz


Table of Contents

Table of Contents