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Product Descriptions - Hitachi H8/300L Series Manual

Single-chip microcomputer
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The H8/3614 Series microcomputers are
general purpose 8-bit microcomputers that
include an on-chip A/D converter in a
64-pin package.
The H8/3614 Series microcomputers
integrate, around an H8/300L CPU core, a
rich set of peripheral functions, including
16, 24, and 32 kbytes of ROM, 512, 1024,
and 1024 bytes of RAM, timers, two serial
communications interfaces, an A/D
converter, and I/O ports in a 64-pin
package. They provide an optimal structure for relatively small-scale systems.
Additionally, the H8/3614 Series includes a ZTAT™ (zero turn around time) version of the
H8/3614 that allows users to freely write programs to the on-chip PROM.
• 16, 24, and 32 kbytes of on-chip ROM
• 512, 1024, and 1024 bytes of on-chip RAM
• Five 8-bit multi-function timer channels
— Timer A: 8-bit interval timer or clock timer
— Timer B: 8-bit reload timer or event counter
— Timer C: 8-bit reload timer or event counter
— Timer D: 8-bit event counter
— Timer E: 8-bit reload timer
• Serial communications interface (two channels)
— SCI1: 8- or 16-bit clock synchronous transfers
— SCI2: 8-bit clock synchronous transfers (includes a 32-byte data buffer)
• 14-bit PWM (H8/3613 and H8/3614)
— Pulse divider technique used to reduce ripple
• A/D converter
— Resolution: 8 bits
— Eight analog voltage input channels
— Resistor ladder based successive approximations
— Sample-and-hold function
H8/3612, H8/3613, H8/3614


Table of Contents

Table of Contents