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Hitachi H8/300L Series Manual page 17

Single-chip microcomputer
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Application Perspectives
Vacuum Fluorescent Display Controller/Driver
Possible Applications
The H8/3714 Series, the H8/3724 Series, and the H8/3754 Series are optimal for applications
that use vacuum fluorescent display. Typical products that incorporate vacuum fluorescent
display include VCR and laser disk players, audio equipment such as CD players, home
appliances such as microwave ranges, and electronic cash registers (ECRs). Furthermore, since
these microcomputers support low voltage operation (2.7 V) and a rich set of low power
modes, they can be used in portable equipment such as cordless telephones and camcorders.
Audio equipment
Car stereos
CD players
Microwave ovens
Electronic cash registers
Man-machine interface and system controller in equipment using vacuum fluorescent display



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