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Ztat™ Microcomputers - Hitachi H8/300L Series Manual

Single-chip microcomputer
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What is the H8/300L Series?
3. ZTAT™ Microcomputers
Hitachi proposed the new concept of the ZTAT™ (zero turn around time) microcomputer in
1984, and began shipping ZTAT™ products that year.
ZTAT™ microcomputers are microcomputers that include user-programmable PROM on-chip.
Since these microcomputers allow completed programs to be written to PROM at the user's
site, the waiting time until a completed LSI is obtained, which had previously been required in
the development process, was reduced to zero. This allows rapid and flexible handling of the
customer's product development.
ZTAT™ microcomputers provide an ideal response to the demands of markets in which new
product development competition is accelerating and that require reduced development times
and value added functions not available from other companies.
A Large Reduction in TAT is Possible
The ZTAT™ microcomputers do away with the time required for mark production, testing, and
confirmation required by earlier microcomputers. Furthermore, ZTAT™ microcomputers can
quickly handle situations where the program changes occur during the process.
Development costs are significantly
Can be used with low-volume
Also handle frequent specification
A general purpose EPROM writer
Short-term mass production
can be used
ramp-up possible


Table of Contents

Table of Contents