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Liquid Crystal Display Controller/Driver (H8/3814 Series, H8/3834 Series) - Hitachi H8/300L Series Manual

Single-chip microcomputer
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Liquid Crystal Display Controller/Driver
2. Liquid Crystal Display Controller/Driver
(H8/3814 Series, H8/3834 Series)
Hitachi, Ltd. provides the H8/3814 Series and the H8/3834 Series (all in 100-pin packages)
as built-in liquid crystal display (LCD) controller/driver microcomputers for use with
applications incorporating liquid crystal displays. The H8/3814 Series provides 16 kbytes to
32 kbytes of on-chip ROM, and the H8/3834 Series provides 32 kbytes to 60 kbytes.
Since the LCD controller/driver provides 40 built-in segment lines and duty ratios of 1/4, 1/3,
1/2, and static, displays of up to 160 segments can be used. Furthermore, displays with up to
512 segments can be driven if an external expansion LCD driver (such as the HD66100) is
As for additional peripheral functions, the H8/3834 Series provides on-chip five types of
timers and three serial communication interface channels. The H8/3814 Series provides on-
chip three types of timers and two serial communication interface channels. These
microcomputers also include a 12-channel A/D converter.
Furthermore, these microcomputers support low voltage operation (2.7 V) and a rich set of low
power modes including microcomputer operation from a 32 kHz subclock making these
products optimal for applications which require backup operation during power outages or
battery operation.
Built-in LCD panel
The LCD segment pins can be
switched over to use as
standard I/O pins
Low power operation
Low voltage operation
(2.7 V to 5.5 V operation)
Direct drive of LCD
Built-in controller:
40 built-in segment lines (static, 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 duty)
All series:
Up to 160 segments (when 1/4 duty is used)
Segments can be expanded externally (external + internal)
H8/3814 Series: Up to 160 segments (static or 1/2 duty)
H8/3834 Series: Up to 512 segments (static, 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4 duty)
Allows use in applications that do not use an LCD.
Backup operation during power outage
Can be used with battery driven equipment that does not
use LCD.
Application Perspectives



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