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Key Operation Under Stand-By State; Key Operation Without Sim Card; Display - Haier A7+ User Manual

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Browse short message or other long text message.
Turn to last and next picture when previewing pictures.
Note: [Up] and [Down] keys have automatic repeating function; if we press and hold
one key of them for a long time, it is equal to press the key for many times. It means that when
the time you press the key exceeds preset time, phone starts the automatic repeating function
of the key. Interval for automatic repeating has been preset, and you can't change it.
[Left] and [Right]:
Move cursor to left and right in editor.
Move selected words or pin combination under T9 English and T9 Spanish input
Browse main menu
Turn to last and next picture when previewing pictures
In the middle of four direction keys, also called middle key. It is ok key in default.

1.1.3 Key operation under stand-by state

When screen displays stand-by menu, you can.
Press [Pickup] to enter dialed phone list.
Press [OK] to enter WAP.
Press [Up] to enter message.
Press [Down] to enter STK.
Press [Left] to visit Phonebook.
Press [Right] to enter Games..
Press [SKL] to enter Mainmenu.
Press [SKR] to enter Call list.
Input phone number directly by digit number, then dial phone and enter relevant option
Use hotkey, which should be customized. (Refer to hotkey setup).

1.1.4 Key operation without SIM card

Press [SKL] to enter Mainmenu.
Pres [SKR] to enter SOS.

1.2 Display

The phone has single crystal display, graphic area of the display is 128 ( width) ×160 ( Height)
pixels, can display 64K colors and takes CSTN technology.
Following icons can only be displayed under stand-by state, used to display current state



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