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Operation Process Using Phone As Modem - Haier A7+ User Manual

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Advertisement Phonebook
By phonebook management function, you can synchronize the phonebook on PC and phone 通
so that they have same content; you can also transfer phonebook from phone to PC for browse,
or create, delete, change phonebook on phone, then download to phone or kept it in file format
on PC; if phone is missed, and contact in phonebook is lost, don't worry about it, you can
transfer phonebook file kept in PC to PC software to browse, change, add, delete, then
download to any phone that successfully connected to PC.
To change phonebook of phone on PC Sync software, the precondition is to transfer
phonebook on phone to PC, then change it, and then download them to phone again.
Phonebook kept in phone has two kinds of storage position, one class is stored on SIM card,
the other class is stored on phone, contact stored on SIM card can only keep one number, but
contact saved in phone can save many numbers. When phone book on phone is transferred to PC,
storage sheet in list frame will show if it is saved in SIM card or in phone. Message
You can transfer messages in phone to the list PC Sync software to view, to reply, transmit,您
change and other operation.
You can create new message and select save or send in PC Sync software, if new created
message is not sent, the it can be saved in send box, its state is not send, can be left for transfer
later, if it is sent, it is still kept in send box, its state is sent; you also change exist message.
You can double click some message in receiver or outbox for view, to message in inbox, you
can reply or transmit it out, to unsent message in outbox, and you can send it out.
You can backup messages into files on PC; also can introduce messages in files into PC
Sync software for brow, change, send and etc. You can select message in list frame to delete it.
If your phone receives a new message, only your phone and PC are connecting, it will also be
transmitted to PC Sync software and kept in receivers, and a new dialog will pop out on screen
prompting you that you have new message, click any position of the dialog to close the prompt
block, later, you can double click the messages in inbox to view it, reply or transmit it. MMS
When phone connects with PC successfully, you can transfer MMS saved in phone to PC
Sync software, and display the information of each MMS picture in the list frame, and can backup
these MMS on PC.

2.8 Operation process using phone as Modem

The option is optional, and the function is available only you purchase data cable from
providors. Following setting is on the base of Windows 200.
1. Plug one end of data cable (refer to accessories) to USB COM port at the
back of PC, and plug the other end to the bottom of phone.



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