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Auto On/Off; Universal Time; Stk - Haier A7+ User Manual

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3.8.6 Auto on/off

With the function of turn on and turn off automatically. You can set turn on or turn off
separately. Select "start" to get into the editor and input time of turn on and turn off...
While turning on the mobile phone you should test the PIN code otherwise it will stay in the
PIN code input process.
ATTENTION: Do not use mobile phone while taking air plane, please note to avoid turning
on automatically by this function. Our company refuses to be responsible for any aftereffect
caused by this.

3.8.7 Universal time

You can check the time of different time zone.
There is a line of time in the up and below of the world map, the up is the time of other city
and below is local time.
If there is a mark of daylight saving time then it is daylight saving time here.
You can choose city by pressing [LEFT]/ [RIGHT] on longitude, Press [UP]/ [DOWN] to
choose city on latitude.
You can do the setting to other city in the option menu for example whether it is daylight
saving time of you can set the time of other city as local time.

3.9 STK

Note: structure and name under this menu is set into SIM card b network provider.
Different STK provider may provide different service. Some SIM card doesn't support STK
service, which cannot be changed.
STK(SIM TOOL KIT)allows smart SIM operate its own application software.
STK can receive and send GSM message data to take the function of interface between
SIM card and message, at the same it also allow SIM card to operate its own application
software. These functions often display on the phone screen that can be active by software.
Used friend text menu to replace mechanical "dial-receive-answer' to allow you to process
complicated information index operation.
STK is the increment operation of SIM card, provide development environment. Which
is a simple and easy-operation platform. Phone supporting the STK card can provide extra
STK menu, content of menu is read form STK card from mobile, you cannot change.
According to the type of STK, content of menu may be not fixed; it can be change by
network operator.
The phone support increment operation provided by STK, different operator provide different
type of operation.



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