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Sms (Need Network Support) - Haier A7+ User Manual

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3.5.1 SMS (need network support)

SMS service provides a kind of convenient and cheap communication method and can
transfer text message to others quickly. You can use 'messages' menu to send messages to
other phone or devices that can receive message.
Phone support long SMS (concatenate SMS) function, every concatenate can contain not
more than 10 normal SMS. Max number of concatenate is 10. Inbox
Phone keeps received messages into inbox.
Storage position of messages except SIM card (capacity depends on SIM card), but also
can be into phone, phone can provide extra 1000 storage positions. You can select prefer
position for storage. If prefer position for storage is full, (SIM card will keep two blank),
messages will be saved in unprefer medium.
If inbox is empty, phone will prompt message list is empty.
There is an 'unread' icon on the right of new message in inbox. If you enter the detail
screen of the message, the message state becomes read, corresponding icon also become read
After entering inbox, display saved message list. Use [Up]/ [Down] to scroll to view it, if
it stops on someone, the message will display all content with plane scroll.
Select any message, press [OK] to enter detailed screen, if display exceeds one screen,
use [Up]/ [Down] to scroll the screen.
To some message, there are following operation options:
Reply: automatically take opposite number as destination number and reply a
Forward:After select Transmit, content of selected message will appear in editor;
you can also edit it and then send it.
Call: pick up the number of outbox from message and dial the number.
Delete: delete the message from inbox.
Move to garbage box: when you think current message is waste message, you can
select the option, phone will move current message to dustbin and query if set arrive
number as waste number.
Store number: if opposite number is not in phonebook, the menu appears, used to
pick up number and save it.



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