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Date And Time; Guard Settings - Haier A7+ User Manual

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Advertisement Auto answer
You can set if to turn on Automatic response function, which means when phone receives
call; the phone will connect the call after short time rings. Active flip
When the function is enabled, fold out the phone to connect the call. Send ID (need network support)
By this menu, you can select if send phone number to called party during the call.
Use state query function to query current state of phone: if the function is turned on or
turned off.

3.2.4 Date and time

Use the menu you can set date and time that phone display according to prompted format.

3.2.5 Guard settings Garbage SMS guard
Garbage SMS guard provides a convenient and short method to protect you from being
disturbed by waste message. Phone will distinguish if the messages are waste message
automatically after receiving message, and save waste messages in waste box.
The item of the menu is used to set relevant items with waste message. If set rejecting
waste number, when receiving new message, phone will comparing the number of the
message with waste number list, if the number belongs to waste number list then confirm the
message is waste message and phone inform user that he receives waste message according to
the setting about prompt, and save the message into dustbin.
If you set only receive phone message, when new message arrives, phone will judge if
the number that sends the message is normal phone number, and inform users according to
prompt setting.
If off is set, the function is turned off.
Garbage PN list
After select the item, you can select "query", entry waste number list, select 'add



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