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Capacity; Delete All - Haier A7+ User Manual

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It is similar with copy, but after copy, deletes original record.
Move to SIM card (if record is in phone):
It is similar with copy, but after copy, and delete original record.
To select phonebook record, if there is unnumber field in record (such as e-mail, note,
address, post code field), these fields will be kept constantly. If selected smart
phonebook record only has number field, then after all field corresponding to the
record are moved to phonebook in SIM card, all record will be deleted.
Call: dial number.
Add new: you can add new number. Operation of phonebook record
After select a record in phonebook list, press [OK] to operate selected record.
Operation to SIM card record
IP dial, dial, add new number, send message, sent name card, change, delete, setup
(change, cancel) picture, quick dial, copy to phone, move to phone.
Operation to phone record
When number and fax number are selected, operation options include:
IP dial, send message, send name card, change name, change number, change number
type, delete, setup default field, quick dial, display, copy to SIM card, move to SIM card, dial,
add new number.
When record, e-mail, address and post code are selected, operation options include:
Change name, delete, and change, send name card, display, and add new code.

2.6.4 Capacity

If you select capacity query, you will get capacity information about SIM card and
phonebook. It includes:
Used quantity
Total capacity
Usage percent

2.6.5 Delete all

you can clear all record in SIM card or phonebook by the operation, once it is clear,
records can't be resumed, so it need confirmation before clear.



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