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Call Settings - Haier A7+ User Manual

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set. If the key is still not set, phone prompts unset hotkey, confirm and open function list, here
you can set its function directly.

3.2.3 Call settings Call forward (need network support)
In the situation that it is not easy to answer for a phone or in other situations, it is used to
set received call to other phone (or voicebox), and set transfer condition. The function need
network support.
In such situation, all call from network is transferred to a preset number in advance.
When busy
If user is busy, call will be transferred to a preset phone.
No reply
If no responding, call will be transferred to a preset number.
Not reachable
If the called party cannot be finds, call will be transferred to a preset number.
Display four kinds of call transfer list after entering menu. Select one of them and
confirm, then phone sends request to network to turn off transfer function.。
Use the menu to can get current state of four kinds of call transfer by once query.
Note: when call transfer is turned on, call transfer soft icon displays on stand-by screen. Wishful (need work support)
This function helps you to use call transferring feature safely. Sometimes after set call
transferring, you forgot to transfer back and lost many calls, using this function you won't have
this trouble for ever.
Entering Wishful menu, you can set transferring to "Home Number"," Office Number" and
"Other Number".
Home Number: it will inform you to input home number first, then input the time
when to transfer back to phone, and last to set repeat style, after these setting, press
[OK], the setting value is saved. When this activated, the incoming call will transfer



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