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Factory Settings; My Documents; Pictures - Haier A7+ User Manual

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can set which method is used:
GPRS first: Use GPRS first
GPRS only: only use GPRS.
GSM only: only use GSM.
GPRS settings.
You can set:
Show settings: Show GPRS setting
APN setting:set the mane of connection。
User name:Required name to logon wap server.
User passwords: required password for logon.
GSM setting
You can set:
Show settings: Show GSM setting.
Phone number: input required number. When phone go into on-line method, it
will dial the number automatically.
User name: username required to logon WAY server
User password: password that logon require

3.2.8 Factory settings

Used to restore a set of parameter set when phone is out of factory, include environment
setting, call setting and etc. use the menu will make your setting lost. So before restore, you
should be confirmed.

3.3 My documents

My document is used to manage all pictures and sound in phone. My document includes
three menus: Pictures, Ring tone and Memory capacity.

3.3.1 Pictures

After entering into the menu Pictures, you will see sort folders "Predefined images",
animation images, "MMS images", "WAP images", "Downloaded images" (PC sync
software support is required for USB download). Among them, the "Predefined images" is
used to store and manage static pictures predefined in the phone; "MMS images" is used to
store and manage pictures picked up from MMS received. the "WAP images" are used to



This manual is also suitable for:

A7 plus