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Fixed Numbers List; Own Info; Serv. Numbers; Transfer Between Phone And Pc (Optional) - Haier A7+ User Manual

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Phone has no any check to the IP service you input; you need to confirm it is correct
by yourself.

2.6.11 Fixed numbers list

If your SIM card has this function, you can restrict the numbers that you will call. If you
set Fixed number mode On, your phone can only call the numbers saved in the fixed
numbers list.
When you set Fixed number mode On, you must input PIN2 code. This function need
network support.

2.6.12 Own info

You can send, display, change and delete individual information of phone owner here.
Change own info
According to prompt, you can input different field here. If no, press [OK] to jump
Delete own info
You can clear the individual information of phone owner, which means clear all fields of
owner information.
Send own info
You can send your individual information in text format by message.
(Note: because length of message is limited, too much record information may be lost
during sending.)
Display own info
Display all owner information input in advance, it can be looked up by [Up]/ [Down].

2.6.13 Serv. Numbers

If your SIM card support this function, you may input service number.

2.7 Transfer between phone and PC (optional)

PC Sync software is strong phone information management software; you can use PC Sync
software to back the information in your phone by a matching data cable and a computer.
Note: PC Sync is not the standard fittings of the phone; you need to purchase the software
and matching data cable from your providers.
PC Sync software mainly realizes the synchronization and backup of six kinds of information,
which include wallpaper, ring, phonebook, message, MMS.



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