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Fun; Games - Haier A7+ User Manual

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Center of MMS
You can edit MMS center
Network account
You can select network account
You can do some gateway settings, such as Proxy type, IP address, and IP port
Status report
The option can be set as 'turn on' or 'turn off', if it is set as 'turn on', then it will give you a
read report to inform you if the MMS arrive, or send failure, or refused
Validity period
By the menu you can set the time to keep the MMS in MMS service center Delete MMS
You can rapidly delete MMS through this function
Inbox: Delete all MMS in Inbox
Outbox: Delete all MMS in Outbox
Draft box: Delete all MMS in Draft box
Delete all: Delete all MMS, include MMS in Inbox, Outbox, and Draft box Capacity
Show MMS quantity in Inbox, Outbox, and Draft box

3.6 Fun

3.6.1 Games

The phone preset three games:
Menu after enter different game is different with usual menu. Here you can precede
corresponditon cooperation according to the prompt key on screen. Tetris
Screen can be divided into two areas: game area and prompt area. Square is standard
Tetris, seven kind of project. When every row is filled and removed, scores increase, the
more rows removed once, the score add is more. If squares accumulated to the tope, so that
new square cannot be arrange, the game over. Prompt area provides current score and the
shape of Next Square. The game speed is adjustable.



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