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Haier U10 User Manual

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Music Cell Phone
User Manual
Model: U10
Read this manual carefully before operation.



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  Summary of Contents for Haier U10

  • Page 1 Music Cell Phone User Manual Model: U10 Read this manual carefully before operation.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Co ntents ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0 User Manual ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0 Table of Contents ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Safety and Maintenance --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Basic Knowledge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Your Cell Phone --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 1.1 A ........................ 8 PPEARANCE 1.2 K ......................8 EY DESCRIPTION 1.3 S ....................
  • Page 3 4.4 O ........................ 17 RGANIZER 4.5 M ....................... 17 ESSAGING 4.6 M ......................17 ULTIMEDIA 4.7 P ........................18 ORTAL 4.8 STK ......................... 18 4.9 S ........................18 ERVICES 4.10 F ........................18 4.11 E ........................19 XTRA FAQ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 T-Flash Card Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22 ...................
  • Page 4: Safety And Maintenance

    Safety and Maintenance While using the cell phone, please observe following points: • Before use, please read instruction manual carefully. • Do not power on the cell phone when use of cell phone is prohibited or it may cause interruption or danger. •...
  • Page 5 • Your cell phone is not water-proof, so please keep it dry. Do not use it in damp environment, such as bathroom. Keep it away from rain and moisture. • If your cell phone has external antenna, do not touch the antenna when it is not necessary.
  • Page 6 replaced. Battery belongs to consumables. Though it can be charged hundreds of times, its quantity of electric charge may decrease gradually. When service time (talk time and standby time) is found to have decreased, the battery shall be replaced. • Prevent the battery from exposure to the sin or places with excessive smoke or dust.
  • Page 7 • Do not disassemble or modify the charger or use it when power cable is damaged; otherwise there will be electric shock or fire, or the charger may be damaged. • Do not touch the charger with wet hands. If the charger contacts water or other liquid, immediately cut off the power supply.
  • Page 8: Basic Knowledge

    Basic Knowledge Thank you for choosing the GPRS/WCDMA function cell phone. You will know how to use this phone roundly after reading the manual. Design this cell phone is aim at WCDMA/GPRS network environment, except the call function, there are basic English input mode, contacts, individuated ringtone/image, MP3 ringtone, short message, multimedia message, camera, media player, alarm, calculator, auto on/off, calendar, world clock, stopwatch, E-book, T-Flash, keyboard lock, video recorder, etc.
  • Page 9: Your Cell Phone

    Your Cell Phone 1.1 Appearance 1.2 Key description Description In IDLE, press the key to enter main menu. Left soft key Determine the operations and enter the selected menu. In the menu, press back to the previous page. Right soft key In IDLE,press the key to Phonebook.
  • Page 10: Screen Background Light

    In IDLE,press the key to enter profiles。 In main menu, move the cursor left. Right key In IDLE,press the key to enter write message。 In main menu, move the cursor up. Up key In IDLE,press the key to enter music。 In main menu, move the cursor down .
  • Page 11: Instructions Before Use

    Instructions before Use 2.1 Installing the SIM card and the battery You need to insert the SIM card and charge the battery before using the phone. Keep all miniature SIM cards out of the reach of little children.  Be careful to handle, insert or remove the SIM card since the SIM card and the ...
  • Page 12: Security Password

    To power off, hold [End key] until Sliding interface shutdown appears,then sliding shutdown. 2.4 Security password You can use access password to avoid unauthorized use of your SIM card. 2.4.1 PIN code PIN code is used to prevent illegal use of user’s SIM card. If your cell phone has enabled PIN code protection, there will be prompt for entering PIN code.
  • Page 13: Basic Functions

    Basic Functions 3.1 Dial phone 3.1.1 Direct dial In standby state, click virtual keyboard by the number keys to enter your phone number to call.To delete wrong input, press [Delete soft key] to delete a number before the cursor. To delete all numbers, please click [Delete softkey] until all numbers are deleted or click [Hang-on] softkey to return to standby interface directly.
  • Page 14: Terminate Call

    Press [Send key] to answer calls. When you want to reject the incoming call, press [End soft key] directly. 3.3 Terminate call When there is an incoming call, press End key to reject the call. During the call, press End key to terminate current call. Call that has just been dialed can be cancelled by pressing End key.
  • Page 15: Text Input

    If there is a second incoming call in the process of talk, the screen will display a second call is waiting. Call wait function is only available when the network supports this service and you have set to Enabled in Call wait menu. Click [Answer softkey] to answer second call.
  • Page 16: Menu Functions

    Menu Functions You can press left soft key in standby state to enter the main menu. Once you have entered the main menu, you can select corresponding options by Arrow keys move the cursor through then pressing ok key to enter it through direction key.
  • Page 17 for the display texts. 4. Preferred input method Choose preferred input method. 5. Encoding Choose different encodings 6. Delicated keys You can set the function of delicated key 7. Auto update of date and time Choose on/off. 8. Flight mode Set on/off.
  • Page 18: Organizer

    Set the data account of internet tethering. 5. Data service Set on/off. 4.3.7 Restore Factory Settings Enter the password then the phone will restore factory setting. 4.4 Organizer 1. Torch On/Off 2. File manager You can restore or delete the file where contain open, create or format the file. 3.
  • Page 19: Portal

     Camera Use this function to capture pictures.  Image viewer You can view the pictures or images through this function.  Video recorder Press OK to make a video.  Video player Play the video, Press [*] [#] to adjust the volume. ...
  • Page 20: Extra

    The phone supports JAVA function and some games. 4.11 Extra 1. Calculator In this menu, you can do basic calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 2. Unit Convert Your phone provides you with a unit conversion functions, facilitate the conversion.
  • Page 21: Faq

    If any problems are encountered while using the cell phone, please solve them with reference to following items. If the problems still exit, please contact dealers or service provider immediately. “Enter PIN code" appears on the screen: Enter valid PIN code of your SIM card. Please contact network service operator immediately if you do not know the code.
  • Page 22 response for quite a long time. The phone cannot be powered on until battery is restored. Cannot send short message: Please check your service center number option to see if you have set up service center number or if the number is correct. Perhaps you have not open SMS service, or recipient of short message is invalid, or network service operator of your region does not support this service.
  • Page 23: T-Flash Card Introduction

    T-Flash Card Introduction The cell phone support T-Flash card to enlarge the storage . Operations as follows: T-Flash card install/remove Take out battery first if you install the T-Flash card, move the sheet metal downwords,put the T-Flash card on it, then close the sheet metal,that is ok. If you remove it, operate as contrary operations of installing.
  • Page 24 FCC RF EXPOSURE INFORMATION: WARNING!! Read this information before using your phone In August 1986 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States with its action in Report and Outer FCC 96-326 adopted an updated safety standard for human exposure to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic energy emitted by FCC regulated transmitters.
  • Page 25 protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.