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Network Settings - Haier A7+ User Manual

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Notify type: you can turn on or turn off 'call information' and 'message information'.
Notify period: you can select information date.
Change password: you change the password of smart guard against theft.
Activate: you can turn on or turn off smart guard against theft function. Fixed dialing mode
You can set fixed dialing on/off when input the correct PIN2 code. Change password
You can change password by the menu, includes: change PIN code, change PIN2 code
and call barring.
They all take same steps:
Input old password and confirm.
Input new password and confirm.
Input new password again and confirm, system prompt that change is successful.

3.2.7 Network settings

In stand-by screen, phone will display the name of network. If phone cannot distinguish
the name of the network, it will display country number and the network number of
unknown network.
Preferred network
Prefer network list is saved on SIM card, and decide the order phone try when registering
on network.
Show list
Display prefer network list, the priority of the front item is the highest.
Press [ok] to enter 'prefer' screen, press 'prefer' again, system will prompt 'prefer
network is confirmed', the network will be move the front of prefer network list which shows
it has the highest priority.
Delete list
Display prefer network list after confirmation, you can select some network from it press
'delete' to delete it.
Available network



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