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HC-C2100 User Guide
The information in this User Guide is based on the production standard model of the
HC-C2100 CDMA mobile phone. As Haier Telecom Company follows a policy of
continuous development, the company reserves the right to make adjustments, changes
or revisions to all information given herein, without prior notice. Haier Telecom Company
makes no warranty of any kind with regard to the contents given, including, but not limited
to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
Furthermore, Haier Telecom Company shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for
incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, or use of this
material. No portion of this document may be photocopied, reproduced, or translated to
another language without the prior written consent of Haier Telecom Company.
This User Guide is edited and printed by the Haier Group Company.
Copyright@2005 Haier. All rights reserved.


Connect to the world with the new Haier HC-C2100 CDMA. Slim lines belie the power
packed into its sleek ergonomic frame. Unique auto-answer facility. Easy format schedule
organizer. Call restriction. Sophisticated features give you every practical advantage in
today's world of fast paced communication. Enhance your routine and give yourself a new
horizon to experience life on the go. So, before you unleash the power in your hand, Haier
recommends that you read this User Guide. It will allow you to enjoy the full advantages of
your phone.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Haier HC-C2100

  • Page 1: Welcome

    Enhance your routine and give yourself a new horizon to experience life on the go. So, before you unleash the power in your hand, Haier recommends that you read this User Guide. It will allow you to enjoy the full advantages of...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    HC-C2100 User Guide Contents Welcome ........................... 1 Contents..........................2 1. Essential Information..................... 4 1.1 Safety guidelines....................4 1.2 Care and maintenance information ..............6 2. Handset guide ....................... 7 2.1 Idle mode screen ....................8 2.2 Battery ......................... 9 2.3 RUIM card......................10 2.4 Making and receiving a call.................11...
  • Page 3 HC-C2100 User Guide 7. Tools..........................24 7.1 Alarm clock......................24 7.2 Scheduler......................25 7.3 Calculator......................25 7.4 Tip calculator...................... 26 7.5 Stop watch ......................26 8. Settings ........................26 8.1 Ringer ........................ 26 8.2 Display ....................... 27 8.3 Security ......................28 8.4 Call setup ......................
  • Page 4: Essential Information

    HC-C2100 User Guide 1. Essential Information Given here is essential information that will help you in the optimum operation of your mobile phone. By adhering to these guidelines you will be protecting yourself from unnecessary personal or financial damages or infringements of the law. Kindly read the User Guide in its entirety for complete information.
  • Page 5 HC-C2100 User Guide Switch off your phone in the hospital Switch off your phone in healthcare facilities when any regulations posted in these areas instruct you to do so. Hospitals or healthcare facilities may be using equipment that could be sensitive to external RF energy.
  • Page 6: Care And Maintenance Information

    Protect your phone from rain, spilled beverages or other forms of moisture that can damage the electronics of your phone. Use the batteries and fittings manufactured by Haier Telecom Company only. The use of other fittings may cause dangerous accidents and void all warranties.
  • Page 7: Handset Guide

    2. Handset guide The illustration below displays the main components of your Haier HC-C2100 CDMA phone. The list below provides a short description of the keypad functions on your Haier HC-C2100 CDMA phone. Description · Dial or answer a call ·...
  • Page 8: Idle Mode Screen

    HC-C2100 User Guide · Quick into UTK, Scheduler, Settings, Messages · Control the cursor directions · Enter the digits 0 to 9 · Press and hold to lock the phone, and press 123 to unlock · Enter the character * ·...
  • Page 9: Battery

    4. Take out the battery. 2.2.2 Charging the battery The HC-C2100 can be charged either when it is switched on or off. 1. Plug the charger transformer into a standard outlet. 2. Insert the charger output into charging port of the bottom of the phone 3.
  • Page 10: Ruim Card

    HC-C2100 User Guide use it. Do not pull out the plug of the charger during charging to avoid electrical damage to the phone and the charger. 2.3 RUIM card Purchase a RUIM card from network operator. Your phone number and registration information are stored in your RUIM card.
  • Page 11: Making And Receiving A Call

    HC-C2100 User Guide 2.4 Making and receiving a call 2.4.1 To make a call You can use the function only after the network-prompting icon is shown on screen. 1. Dialling Select a desired entry from the names list or directly type in the phone number in idle mode, press key to dial.
  • Page 12: Switching Your Phone On/Off

    HC-C2100 User Guide settings->SMS on call reject is set to ‘On’, here default message will be sent to caller’s handset automatically. 2.4.3 During a phone call During a phone call, press up/down navigation key to adjust the microphone volume. Press Mute on right soft key to temporarily turn the microphone off. Reselect this key to resume your conversation.
  • Page 13: Input Method

    HC-C2100 User Guide Note: If you have entered PIN code incorrectly for max retry limits, RUIM card will be automatically locked. The phone will prompt for PUK (PIN unlocking key) here. You can get PUK from your mobile phone service provider.
  • Page 14: To Input Using T9 Text Input (T9En \T9En \T9En \T9In \T9In \T9In)

    HC-C2100 User Guide 3.3 To input using T9 text input (T9En \T9en \T9EN \T9In \T9in \T9IN) By using T9 text input method, you can create a word easily and quickly. 1) The ‘en’ option allows you to type predictive text in English with all letters in lowercase.
  • Page 15: List

    HC-C2100 User Guide memory depends on the network service providers. 4.1 List To access the entries saved in the phone or RUIM card memory. Phone names Phone names like an address book, in which you can view and edit the phone number, email, address, URL, notes.
  • Page 16: Add New

    HC-C2100 User Guide RUIM names On RUIM card, you can view and edit entries as a name with a single number. 1. Options By selecting ‘Options’, you can access the following sub-menus: 1) Edit name Allow you to change the selected name and to save.
  • Page 17: Multicopy

    HC-C2100 User Guide 4.4 Multicopy With the multicopy function, you can copy all of the records from the RUIM card to the phone memory and vice versa. 4.5 Groups There are 6 groups, including ‘No group’, ‘Family’, ‘Friends’, ‘Business’, ‘VIP’ and ‘RUIM’.
  • Page 18: Memory Status

    HC-C2100 User Guide 3. To dial a speed dial number To access contact numbers that have been assigned numbers from 1 to 9, press and hold down the assigned number, and the contact number will automatically be dialled. For example, to speed dial the 8th entry, press and hold down 8 key.
  • Page 19: Inbox

    HC-C2100 User Guide 5.1.4 Insert number The Insert number option allows you to insert a contact number directly while composing the message. 5.1.5 Save This option allows you to save the contents of the edited message to the Draft. 5.1.6 Message settings You can set single message setting, including ‘Priority’, ‘Validity’, ‘Deferred delivery’, and...
  • Page 20: Outbox

    HC-C2100 User Guide 5.3 Outbox Outbox contains sent and unsent messages. You can retrieve these messages and forward them to other contacts or erase the message if it is no longer required. Erasing messages from the Outbox can free up additional memory on your phone.
  • Page 21: Message Settings

    HC-C2100 User Guide memory. 5.8 Message settings You can customize the way you would like your messages to appear or be received. By pressing key, you can access the following options: 5.8.1 Auto save Allow you to select ‘On’ or ‘Off’ option. If you select ‘On’ option, your phone will save the sent messages in the Outbox (subject to memory available).
  • Page 22: Memory Status

    HC-C2100 User Guide 5.8.7 Validity You can set the Validity period for your messages, that is, how long they should be available to the receiver. Allow you to select 'Default' '30 Minutes' '1 Hour' '2 Hours' '12 Hours' '1 Day' '2 Days' '3 Days' options.
  • Page 23: Call Timers

    HC-C2100 User Guide Detailed call records as following: 1. Call Allow you to call the available number. 2. Time Allow you to view the time when the call is enabled. 3. View number Allow you to view the available number.
  • Page 24: Erase Lists

    HC-C2100 User Guide 6.4.5 Reset timer Selecting this option resets the history timers to zero. 6.5 Erase lists You can erase all your recent call histories. 7. Tools Tools menu offers you the functions of the Alarm clock, Scheduler, Calculator.
  • Page 25: Scheduler

    HC-C2100 User Guide 7.2 Scheduler You can use the scheduler function to set reminder/alerts for various events, meetings and more. The time entry is available in a 12-hour format only. 7.2.1 Add new 1. Select Tools->Scheduler->Add new->Current Time->Set 2. Set the wanted date and time, then press Select key to save.
  • Page 26: Tip Calculator

    HC-C2100 User Guide 7.4 Tip calculator This function allows you to quickly calculator the tip along with bill amount as well as an option to split the total bill. 1. Select Tools -> Tip calculator 2. Select the ‘Next’ 3. Select rate to select a percentage of tip.
  • Page 27: Display

    HC-C2100 User Guide The phone provides six options: Ringer/Vibration/Vibr. then ring/Ring and vibrate/Silence /Ascending tone. 8.1.3 Volume This function allows you to adjust the volume output of the Ringer, Key Beep, Earpiece, Message or Alarm. 8.1.4 Alerts You can change the status of alerts detailed below.
  • Page 28: Security

    HC-C2100 User Guide 8.2.2 Language This function allows you to set the displayed languages. 8.2.3 Backlight You can specify the duration and as well as adjust the intensity. 1) Duration The phone provides 4 timers (Always off, 10 Sec, 30 Sec and Always on) to allow you to select.
  • Page 29 HC-C2100 User Guide 8.3.2 Change code This option is used to change the lock code. After selecting this option, you will be asked to enter new lock code to replace the old code. The new lock code must be entered again as confirmation.
  • Page 30: Call Setup

    HC-C2100 User Guide access to your RUIM card will be restricted each time the phone is powered on. 1) PIN lock If you set PIN to ‘On’, the phone will ask for PIN each time it is switched on. You can get PIN code from your mobile phone service provider.
  • Page 31: Phone Info

    HC-C2100 User Guide 1. Immediate This function will unconditionally forward all incoming calls to others. 2. When busy This setting will forward incoming calls when you are on a call. 3. No reply This function will forward incoming calls if you don’t answer the call or your phone is out of network service or switched off.
  • Page 32: Games

    HC-C2100 User Guide 9. Games 9.1 Link long If you have selected the Link long game, you can choose to start the game. Use up/down/left/right navigation key to control the cursor. Press once to make the game pause and press again to proceed.
  • Page 33 The SAR limit of USA (FCC) is 1.6 W/kg averaged over one gram of tissue. Device types HC-C2100 (FCC ID: SG70704HC-C2100) has also been tested against this SAR limit. The highest SAR value reported under this standard during product certification for use at the ear is 1.257 W/kg and when properly worn on the body is 0.776 W/kg.

Table of Contents