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Messages - Sony CMT-SE7 Operating Instructions Manual

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One of the following messages may appear or
flash in the display during operation. If a
message appears in the display, be sure to open
the lid of the unit and confirm the displayed
Cannot Play
• A disc that cannot be played was inserted
(page 5).
• A disc with an unsupported Region code was
Data Error
The JPEG file is an unsupported format.
DVD Open
The disc tray is open.
No Disc
There is no disc in the player.
Not in Use
You pressed an invalid button.
Appears while the disc tray is opening.
Custom Parental Control or Parental Control is set.
Play Limit
The MP3 file cannot be played.
Please Wait
The function is switching to the DVD.
Push STOP!
You pressed PLAY MODE during playback.
The system is reading TOC information of the disc.
Some buttons are not available.
You stopped play with Resume Play activated
(page 14).
Step Full!
You tried to program 26 or more tracks (steps).
Analog REC
The MD deck starts the analog recording.
Assign None
All the tracks on an MD are registered into groups.
Auto Cut
The MD deck is pausing the recording because
silence continued for 30 seconds or more during
digital recording.
Blank Disc
The inserted recordable MD is new, or all tracks on
the MD have been erased.
Cannot Edit
• A pre-mastered MD is in the deck.
• You tried to edit in Program or Shuffle Play mode.
• The track is recorded in MDLP mode.
Cannot REC
• A pre-mastered MD is in the deck.
• The function is switched to MD.
Cannot SYNC!
• There is no disc in the MD deck, or the MD is
protected against erasure.
• There is no time remaining on the MD.
The editing operation of the MD is completed.
Disc Full!
There is no time remaining on the MD.
The MD deck is ejecting the MD.
Group Full!
An attempt was made to create a new group in
excess of the maximum number of groups, or there
are insufficient characters for updating the group
management information.
• You tried to make an impossible editing
• You cannot perform Net MD operations during
timer playback.
• You cannot combine or erase the tracks due to the
system limitations of MDs.
Adjustment of the recording level after recording or
Fade-in and Fade-out procedures have failed since
the system was either subject to vibration or there is
a damaged or dirty disc in the tray.


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