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When the ckeckbox [Transparent Color:] is ON, setting items of [Tolerance:] will appear.
Specify the gradation range (RGB values) to smoothly connect the zone between "Unprinted color" and "Printed color"
to be gradually changed in tone.
If this value is increased, the gradation range in which the mask white is generated from a state in which no mask white exists will
The gradation's image quality depends on image data. For this reason, it is advisable to perform a test printing beforehand.
Minimum white ink volume
When printing with [Color+White Ink], the volume of background white color ink for dark or black color ink can be
White Ink Choke Width
This enables you to select the white ink choke width in such ten levels as [1] to [10]. When you increase this value, the
choke width increases. By decreasing the print range of white ink, the white ink will be prevented from extending off from
under the color inks.
Check the original image if white lines and/or dots are seen around the image, this may be caused by "anti-alias" bitmap.
There are instances in which fine lines (characters or photographs) will disappear if this level is increased. For this reason, it is
advisable to perform a test printing beforehand.
White / Color Pause
Tiny images may become black when printed. When that occurs, print a white layer first and wait for a while (waiting
time), to print the color layers.
Check this checkbox to activate it when you print a tiny image.
Creating print data



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