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Creating Print Data; Common Items That Apply To All Software Applications - Brother GTX-4 Instruction Manual

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Creating print data

5-1. Common items that apply to all software applications

Using Graphix Lab is recommended for creating print data.
Graphix Lab is capable of creating print data through intuitive operation, and it is also able to create layout data that
contains transparent information from the (α channel).
If another application than Graphix Lab is used, although the GTX-4 printer driver enables the printing to be performed
from any types of software applications, it is advisable to use one of the image editing software applications for obtaining
a high-quality print result:
CorelDRAW (X7/X8)
Adobe Photoshop (CS6/CC)
Adobe Illustrator (CS6/CC)
Adobe Photoshop Elements (14/15)
Make proper settings, such as color settings and printing conditions, of each of the image editing software
applications, in accordance with the setting contents of such applications.
For details of Graphix Lab settings, refer to "5-2. Creating Print Data from Graphix Lab >>P.59".
For details of settings of other applications, refer to the applicable page(s) of each application in "5-4. Creating print data
from other applications >>P.84".
By using an image editing software application, create an image data for printing.
The GTX-4 printer driver treats RGB=(255,255,255) as "transparent color" and does not eject ink for this color value. For such an
image that you wish to print out in pure white color with white ink, be sure to change the color's value to RGB=(254,254,254).
For printing out image data that contains the transparent information (α channel), please use Graphix Lab.
Subsequently in this chapter, the value RGB=(254,254,254) is described as "RGB=254", and the value
RGB=(255,255,255) is described as "RGB=255".



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