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About pretreatment
If a T-shirt to which the pretreatment is applied is coated with only color inks, its stains tend to be wiped off by
washing. Avoid application of the pretreatment when no white ink is used.
When a white or light-colored T-shirt is coated with the pretreatment, the coated surface color may change, and
be restored to the original color even if the T-shirt is washed. After a T-shirt is coated with the
pretreatment, store it in a place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight, and wash it with clean water at an
early stage after ink is applied to it.
Wash away any imprint of the pretreatment with water. Also, some T-shirts may be discolored by the
pretreatment and
the first time, try it in an unnoticeable area.
Please ensure to inform the customer about the following precautions in regards to buying/selling printed
 If a printed material is rubbed with vinyl-chloride-based white or light-colored synthetic leather, color transfer
may occur. Also, when a color-printed surface is rubbed strongly against a printed surface with only white ink,
color transfer may occur in the same fashion. When a color transfer occurs, wipe the color-transferred area
clean of dirt with a soft and clean cloth or a toothbrush that is moistened with a small amount of mild detergent
for home use or alcohol.
 Wash away any imprint of the pretreatment by washing (with water).
About maintenance
In order to keep good printing quality, perform maintenance on a regular basis. For details, please refer to "7.
Precautions to keep good printing quality/use printer over the long term >>P.172".
In order to take full advantage of the printer's intrinsic capabilities and use it for a long period, we recommend to
use the genuine cleaning solution that is specified by us when cleaning the head section, cap or wiper. Using
commercially available alcohol or cleaning solution could cause damage to the print heads.
Never remove the print heads except when they are replaced with new ones, because they are precision
components. Otherwise, the print heads may be damaged.
What to do when not using printer
When not using the printer for a long period of time, please refer to "7-5. When Not Using for a Long Period of
Time >>P.219".
About waste handling
Dispose of the residual wastes and waste ink properly as water-based waste fluid in accordance with applicable
laws and ordinances. If you are uncertain about their disposal, consult with your retailer first and discard them
be restored to the original color even if they are washed. When performing printing for
Before Using Your Printer for the First Time



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