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Ac Installation - Cisco AMP8050 Hardware Installation

Firepower 8000 series
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Firepower 81xx Family Appliances

AC Installation

The Firepower System must be installed in accordance with the requirements of Article 250 of NFPA
70, National Electric Code (NEC) Handbook, and local electrical codes.
Do not connect DC power to AC supplies.
Separate circuits are required to create redundant power sources. Use an uninterruptible or
battery-backed power source to prevent power status issues or power loss due to input line power
Supply sufficient power to each power supply to run the entire appliance. The voltage and current ratings
for each supply are listed on the label on the appliance.
Use an external Surge Protection Device at the input of the network equipment where the Firepower
System is to be installed.
Separate Circuit Installation
If separate circuits are used, each one must be rated the full rating of the appliance. This configuration
provides for circuit failure and power supply failure.
Example: Each supply is attached to a different 220V circuit. Each circuit must be capable of supplying
5A, as stated on the label.
Same Circuit Installation
If the same circuit is used to feed both supplies, then the power rating of one supply applies to the whole
box. This configuration only provides protection from a power supply failure.
Example: Both supplies are attached to the same 220V circuit. The maximum draw from this circuit
would be 5A, as stated on the label.
AC Voltage
The power supplies will work with these voltages: 100VAC to 240VAC nominal (85VAC to 264VAC
maximum). Use of voltages outside this range may cause damage to the appliance.
AC Current
The labeled current rating for each supply is: 5.2A maximum over the full range, per supply 2.6A
maximum for 187VAC to 264VAC, per supply. Appropriate wire and breakers must be used to reduce
the potential for fire.
Firepower 8000 Series Hardware Installation Guide
DC Installation, page A-3
breaker requirements, and minimum wire size.
Grounding/Earthing Requirements, page A-4
ground wire requirements, and DC supplies.
Appendix A
Power Requirements for Firepower 8000 Series Devices
for circuit installation, voltage, current, ground references, terminals,
for bonding locations, recommended terminals,


Table of Contents

Table of Contents