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Identifying The Sensing Interfaces; Firepower 8000 Series - Cisco AMP8050 Hardware Installation

Firepower 8000 series
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Chapter 3
Installing a Firepower 8000 Series Device
The Firepower and AMP 8350 is available as a 2U appliance. The Firepower and AMP 8360, 8370, and
8390 are available as 2U appliances with one, two, or three secondary 2U appliances. The following
illustration of the rear of the chassis indicates the location of the default management interface for each
2U appliance.

Identifying the Sensing Interfaces

Firepower devices connect to network segments using sensing interfaces. The number of segments each
device can monitor depends on the number of sensing interfaces on the device and the type of connection
(passive, inline, routed, or switched) that you want to use on the network segment.
The following sections describe the sensing interfaces for each Firepower device:
For information on connection types, see

Firepower 8000 Series

The 8000 Series is available as a 1U device with a 10G network switch or a 2U device with either a 10G
or a 40G network switch. This device can be shipped fully assembled, or you can install the network
modules (NetMods) that contain the sensing interfaces.
If you install a NetMod in an incompatible slot on your device (for example, inserting a 40G NetMod in
slots 1 and 4 on a Firepower 8250 or Firepower or AMP 8350) or a NetMod is otherwise incompatible
with your system, an error or warning message appears in the web interface of the managing Firepower
Management Center when you attempt to configure the NetMod. Contact Support for assistance.
The following modules contain configurable bypass sensing interfaces:
To locate the sensing interfaces on the 8000 Series, see
To locate the module slots on the 8000 Series on the
To locate the sensing interfaces on the 8000 Series NetMods, see
a quad-port 1000BASE-T copper interface with configurable bypass capability
Firepower 8000 Series, page
Firepower 8000 Series, page
Understanding Sensing Interfaces, page
Firepower 8000 Series Hardware Installation Guide
Identifying the Sensing Interfaces
Firepower 8000 Series Modules,


Table of Contents

Table of Contents