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Security Considerations; Identifying The Management Interfaces; Firepower 8000 Series - Cisco AMP8050 Hardware Installation

Firepower 8000 series
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Security Considerations

Check for damage and report any discrepancies or damage to your customer service representative. Have
Step 3
the following information ready:
Security Considerations
Before you install your appliance, Cisco recommends that you consider the following:

Identifying the Management Interfaces

You connect each appliance in your deployment to the network using the management interface. This
allows the Firepower Management Center to communicate with and administer the devices it manages.
Refer to the correct illustration for your appliance as you follow the installation procedure.

Firepower 8000 Series

The Firepower 8120, 8130, 8140, and AMP8150 are available as 1U appliances. The following
illustration of the rear of the chassis indicates the location of the default management interface.
The Firepower 8250 is available as a 2U appliance. The Firepower 8260, 8270, and 8290 are available
as 2U appliances with one, two, or three secondary 2U appliances. The following illustration of the rear
of the chassis indicates the location of the default management interface for each 2U appliance.
Firepower 8000 Series Hardware Installation Guide
one rack-mounting kit
Invoice number of shipper (see the packing slip)
Model and serial number of the damaged unit
Description of damage
Effect of damage on the installation
Locate your appliance in a lockable rack within a secure location that prevents access by
unauthorized personnel.
Allow only trained and qualified personnel to install, replace, administer, or service the appliance.
Always connect the management interface to a secure internal management network that is protected
from unauthorized access.
Identify the specific workstation IP addresses that can be allowed to access appliances. Restrict
access to the appliance to only those specific hosts using Access Lists within the appliance's system
policy. For more information, see the Firepower Management Center Configuration Guide.
Chapter 3
Installing a Firepower 8000 Series Device


Table of Contents

Table of Contents