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Deploying In Multi-Site Environments - Cisco AMP8050 Hardware Installation

Firepower 8000 series
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Chapter 6
Deploying Firepower Managed Devices
Complex Network Deployments

Deploying in Multi-Site Environments

Many organizations want to extend intrusion detection across a geographically disparate enterprise and
then analyze all the data from one location. The Firepower System supports this by offering the
Firepower Management Center, which aggregates and correlates events from managed devices deployed
throughout the organization's many locations. Unlike deploying multiple managed devices and
Firepower Management Centers in the same geographic location on the same network, when deploying
managed devices in disparate geographic locations, you must take precautions to ensure the security of
the managed devices and the data stream. To secure the data, you must isolate the managed devices and
Firepower Management Center from unprotected networks. You can do this by transmitting the data
stream from the managed devices over a VPN or with some other secure tunneling protocol as shown in
the following diagram.
Firepower 8000 Series Hardware Installation Guide


Table of Contents

Table of Contents