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Detecting Intrusions On Other Points Of Entry - Cisco AMP8050 Hardware Installation

Firepower 8000 series
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Chapter 6
Deploying Firepower Managed Devices
Complex Network Deployments

Detecting Intrusions on Other Points of Entry

Many networks include more than one access point. Instead of a single border router that connects to the
Internet, some enterprises use a combination of the Internet, modem banks, and direct links to business
partner networks. In general, you should deploy managed devices near firewalls (either inside the
firewall, outside the firewall, or both) and on network segments that are important to the integrity and
confidentiality of your business data. The following diagram shows how managed devices can be
installed at key locations on a complex network with multiple entry points.
You can replace the firewall and the router with the managed device deployed on that network segment.
Firepower 8000 Series Hardware Installation Guide


Table of Contents

Table of Contents