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Installation Warnings - Cisco AMP8050 Hardware Installation

Firepower 8000 series
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About This Guide
Means the following information will help you solve a problem.
Means reader be careful. In this situation, you might perform an action that could result in equipment
damage or loss of data.

Installation Warnings

Be sure to read the Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information document
ower-rcsi.html) before installing the device.
This section presents these important safety warnings:
Power Supply Disconnection Warning
Before working on a chassis or working near power supplies, unplug the power cord on AC units;
disconnect the power at the circuit breaker on DC units. Statement 12
Jewelry Removal Warning
Before working on equipment that is connected to a power source, remove jewelry (including rings,
necklaces, and watches). Metal objects will heat when connected to power and ground, and can
cause serious burns or weld the metal object to the terminals. Statement 43
Power Supply Disconnection Warning, page vii
Jewelry Removal Warning, page vii
Wrist Strap Warning, page viii
Work During Lightning Warning, page viii
Installation Instructions Warning, page viii
Chassis Warning for Rack-Mounting and Servicing, page viii
Short-Circuit Protection Warning, page viii
SELV Circuit Warning, page viii
Ground Conductor Warning, page viii
Faceplates and Cover Panels Warning, page ix
Product Disposal Warning, page ix
Compliance with Local and National Electrical Codes Warning, page ix
Grounded Equipment Warning, page ix
Safety Cover Requirement, page ix
Firepower 8000 Series Hardware Installation Guide
Installation Warnings


Table of Contents

Table of Contents