Grounding/Earthing Requirements - Cisco AMP8050 Hardware Installation

Firepower 8000 series
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Firepower and AMP 83xx Family Appliances
Use of voltages outside this range may cause damage to the appliance.
DC Current
25A maximum, per supply
Ground Reference
The DC power supplies are fully isolated from the ground reference.
Recommended Terminals
Power is connected to the DC supplies through screw terminals. Terminals must be UL approved.
Terminals must have a hole supporting an M4 or a #8 screw. The maximum width of the terminal is
8.1mm (0.320"). A representative spade terminal for 10-12 gauge wire is Tyco 325197.
Breaker Requirements
A breaker sufficient to carry the rated current at the rated voltage must be provided. The circuit breaker
must meet the following requirements:
A recommended breaker is: Airpax IELK1-1-72-20.0-01-V. The terminal option used will depend on the
installation. This breaker is a single pole, 20A breaker with a DC rating of 80V. It is listed as having a
long delay. Information about this breaker can be found at
Minimum Wire Size Requirements
Power feeds with three wires (one circuit) per raceway may use 12 AWG wire. Power feeds with more
than one circuit per raceway must use 10 AWG wire. Note that the two separate feeds for the redundant
supplies are two circuits and must use 10 AWG wire.

Grounding/Earthing Requirements

The Firepower System must be grounded to the Common Bonding Network.
Firepower 8000 Series Hardware Installation Guide
-40VDC to -72VDC maximum
UL Recognized
CSA Approved (Recommended)
VDE Approved (Recommended)
Support the maximum load (20A)
Support the installation voltage (-40V to -72VDC, as required by the power supply)
Rated for DC use
Appendix A
Power Requirements for Firepower 8000 Series Devices


Table of Contents

Table of Contents