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Restoring Factory Default Settings; Creating A Printer Control Panel Pin - Dell S2830dn User Manual

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Managing the printer
Type the IP addresses of the source and target printers in their appropriate fields.
Note: If you want to add or remove a target printer, then click Add Target IP or Remove Target IP.
Click Copy Printer Settings.

Restoring factory default settings

If you want to keep a list of the current menu settings for reference, then print a menu settings page before
restoring the factory default settings. For more information, see
If you want a more comprehensive method of restoring the printer factory default settings, then perform the
Wipe All Settings option. For more information, see
Warning—Potential Damage: Restoring factory defaults returns most printer settings to the original factory
default settings. Exceptions include the display language, custom sizes and messages, and network/port
menu settings. All downloads stored in the RAM are deleted. Downloads stored in the flash memory card are
not affected.
From the control panel, navigate to:
> Settings > Settings >

Creating a printer control panel PIN

The Panel PIN Protect menu lets you restrict access to the menus from the printer control panel. To restrict
access to the menus, create a Personal Identification Number (PIN), and then assign the PIN to each menu.
Open a Web browser, and then type the printer IP address in the address field.
View the printer IP address in the TCP/IP section in the Network/Ports menu. The IP address appears
as four sets of numbers separated by periods, such as
If you are using a proxy server, then temporarily disable it to load the Web page correctly.
Click Settings > Security > Panel PIN Protect.
From the Create User PIN or Create Admin PIN sections, enter your PIN.
Note: Your can enter up to 16 digits for your PIN.
Click Modify.
From any menu in the Administrative Menus, Management, or Function Access sections, select User PIN
Protected or Admin PIN Protected or Admin PIN and User PIN Protected.
Note: Using an Admin PIN, you can still access a menu assigned with a User PIN.
Click Submit.
If you try to access a PIN‑protected menu from the printer control panel, the printer will require you to enter
the PIN.
Note: After you enter the last digit of the PIN, make sure to press
than three seconds.
"Erasing non‑volatile memory" on page
> General Settings >
"Printing a menu settings page" on page
> Factory Defaults >
on the printer control panel for more
> Restore Now >


Table of Contents

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