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Mitsubishi Electric FR-E700 Instruction Manual Page 105

Fr-e740-016 to 300 - ec; fr-e720s-008 to 110 - ec.
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Setting of acceleration/deceleration time and acceleration/ deceleration pattern
Pr. 20
Acceleration time
Deceleration time
Pr. 7, Pr. 44
Pr. 8, Pr. 45
Example)When Pr. 20 = 50Hz (initial value), Pr. 13 = 0.5Hz, and acceleration can be
made up to the maximum operating frequency of 40Hz in 10s
Deceleration time setting (Pr. 8, Pr. 20)
Use Pr. 8 Deceleration time to set the deceleration time required to reach 0Hz from Pr. 20 Acceleration/deceleration reference
Set the deceleration time according to the following expression.
time setting
Maximum operating frequency - Pr. 10
Example)When the frequency can be decelerated down to the maximum
operating frequency of 40Hz in 10s with 120Hz set in Pr. 20 and 3Hz set
in Pr. 10
Change the setting range and increments of the acceleration/deceleration time (Pr. 21)
Use Pr. 21 to set the acceleration/deceleration time and minimum setting range.
Value "0" (initial value) ........................... 0 to 3600s (minimum setting increments: 0.1s)
Value "1" ................................................ 0 to 360s (minimum setting increments: 0.01s)
Changing the Pr. 21 setting changes the acceleration/deceleration time setting (Pr. 7, Pr. 8, Pr. 16, Pr. 44, Pr. 45).
(It does not influence the setting of Pr. 611 Acceleration time at a restart .)
When Pr. 7 is set to "5.0s" at Pr. 21 setting of "0", and then Pr. 21 is changed to "1", the Pr. 7 setting automatically
changes to "0.5s".
Acceleration time setting (Pr. 7, Pr. 20)
Use Pr. 7 Acceleration time to set the acceleration time required to reach Pr. 20
Acceleration/deceleration reference frequency from 0Hz.
Set the acceleration time according to the following formula.
time setting
Pr. 20
Pr. 20
Maximum operating
frequency - Pr. 13
Deceleration time from maximum operating frequency to stop
Acceleration time from stop to maximum
operating frequency
× 10s
Pr. 7 =
40Hz - 0.5Hz
× 10s
Pr. 8 =


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