Cd-Rom Drive - NEC N8405-013F User Manual

Express5800/bladeserver series
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CD-ROM Drive

Your server is provided with the CD-ROM drive on its front to read data from a CD-ROM
(read-only compact disk). The CD-ROM provides larger and faster data read than the floppy disk.
Observe the following instructions to use the blade assembly unit safely.
Failure to follow these instructions may cause a fire, personal injury, or property
Setting and Removing the CD-ROM
Set the CD-ROM in the following procedure.
Make sure that the blade assembly unit is powered (the POWER lamp is lit) before
inserting a CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.
Press the Eject button on the front of the CD-ROM drive.
The tray comes out a little.
Put the CD-ROM on the tray carefully and securely with the character printed surface
facing upward.
Push the front of the tray lightly to retract it into the drive.
IMPORTANT: If a noisy sound in driving the CD-ROM drive occurs
after setting a CD-ROM, set it again correctly.
Removing the CD-ROM
To take out the CD-ROM from the CD-ROM drive, press the Eject button in the similar way in
setting the CD-ROM to make the tray go out.
If the access lamp is lit, the CD is being accessed. Make sure that the access lamp is not lit before
pressing the Eject button.
After taking out the CD-ROM, return the tray into the drive.
amage. See pages 1-3 to 1-8 for details.
Do not leave the tray ejected from the CD-ROM drive.


Table of Contents

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