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Notes On The Use Of Kvm, Media, And Serial Select Switches; Kvm Select Switch - NEC N8405-013F User Manual

Express5800/bladeserver series
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Notes on the Use of KVM, Media, and Serial Select Switches

Installing an optional intelligent switch (L2) enables management function. You can select KVM
(keyboard, video, and mouse), media, or serial device by using the KVM Select, Media Select, and
Serial Select switches. Follow the instructions provided below to use these select switches.

KVM Select Switch

KVM Select switch is used to select the CPU blade that can use the console (keyboard, video,
and/or mouse). Pressing this switch changes the connection between VIDEO output and USB 1
system of the CPU blade and keyboard (K), video (V), and mouse (M) connected with the KVM
The keyboard and mouse are connected via the USB interface. If the OS requires initialization of
USB devices, wait until the startup sequence completes while the relevant KVM Select lamp being
Selecting these devices using the KVM Select switch after the OS has started up is equivalent to the
procedure to add or remove USB keyboard or USB mouse, and subject to restrictions of the OS.
If you are going to perform any of the following operations, make sure that the Media Select lamp is
on (the target CPU blade is selected) before turning on the CPU blade.
enables the USB device under the OS that does not support the USB
interface. If you are using the keyboard and mouse in such an
environment and you make change to the USB device configuration,
the USB devices will no longer works normally.
– to install the OS in manual mode
– to use the ROM-DOS
– to change the system BIOS setups
Selecting the other CPU blade and performing any of the above
operations may affect the overall system.
"Legacy USB Support" feature of the system BIOS



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